About Us

Knifezen is a website that is mostly dedicated to helping people by sharing knowledge about the different types knives and their accessories. 

Our Story 

Hey, Im Rakesh. I’m the founder and the primary author of knifezen.com. I have had a fascination with the different types of knives and their accessories learned about them. My love for knives has led me to learn so much about the topic, and I can share my knowledge by teaching others.

Knifezen was started in the year 2020 and its main motive was to help and share information with the world about what I knew about knives.

I provide content based on my learnings, research, and understanding of the knives in a much better way.

I thought people like me are also searching for knives, and their accessories on various sites so I thought to conclude all the pieces of information in a common window that shares effective solutions.

In only a few months, people started liking my content and I have begun attracting hundreds of people per day, and it began to continue to grow and evolve as I started writing articles about knives and their amazing accessories.

Knifezen provides the best review and guides for products, and with no doubt, you can get the products with 100% sure that you would be satisfied.

All the products are listed based on complete research and customer review.