Are Magnetic Holders Bad For Knives? Complete Guide

Are Magnetic Holders Bad For Knives?

There are many ways of storing a knife, and one of the easiest ways to store a kitchen knife is by using a magnetic knife holder.

Having the right storage option is always beneficial for your knife and if you are a knife collector, proper knife storage is always a crucial part, or else you might even damage your blades.

As there are many types and designs of magnetic knife storage available in the market and all of them have the same purpose.

It becomes tough to find the right variety of magnetic knife sets, and you don’t know which one is safe for your blades.

Magnetic knife holders are a great option for knife storage, but the question that pops up in the conversation, are magnetic holders bad for knives?

Well, to be honest about magnetic holders, then there are pros and cons of using a magnetic knife stand and I will go through some of those in the article.

Knife storage is important no matter which type of knife you own, proper knife storage is a part of maintaining, especially with kitchen knives.

Kitchen knives rust easily, and you have to protect the blades or else your blades will go dull in some years.

The benefit of having a magnetic knife bar is it saves a lot of space if you have a small kitchen with limited space and cupboards.

What Is A Magnetic Knife Holder?

Magnetic knife holders are basically knife holders designed for securing your knife. It fixes to the wall or the side unit, and it has a magnet that holds your blade.

To hold your knives, you need a magnet that attaches to your blade so that it can hold the blade in its position.

Magnetic knives are simply formed by taking a rectangular magnet design with 2 or 3 horizontal lines that are incorporated with the design of the strip.

Usually, a magnetic knife holder or strip has a magnetic part hidden “neodymium magnet” inside the wood so that it can grip the knife and the knife sticks to it.

Magnetic knives are available in many designs like magnetic strips, magnetic blocks, and a few more.

However, magnetic knife strips are most commonly used because it’s cheap and widely available.

Types of Magnetic Knife Holders?

Knives should never be kept unprotected in a drawer, as the blade rubs against many other items and become dull. A knife expert will always recommend using a knife holder.

There are usually two unique designs of knife holders:

1. Magnetic Strip 

Magnetic knife strips are found in almost all kitchens. As the name suggests, it’s made from a magnet, and we can mount them on any part of the kitchen.

Magnetic strips are made from metal, or even wood which has a magnet embedded underneath that holds the knife.

While purchasing a magnetic strip, make sure the magnet is strong enough to prevent the knife from falling, as it can be very dangerous, and can even damage the tip of the blade.

The magnetic knife strip saves a lot of counters spacer than a knife block, also they are less expensive. A strip also keeps the knives visible, so no need to rummage in the drawer.

2. Magnetic Knife Block 

The magnetic knife block is a traditional wooden knife block and is more convenient than a magnetic knife strip.

It’s easy to clean, and it doesn’t have any slots where the dust traps. Also, a magnetic knife block looks good compared to a knife strip.

It can support utensils that wouldn’t fit into a knife strip. Another great advantage of the magnetic knife block is there is no chance of falling the knife because you don’t hang it on the wall.

Magnetic knife blocks can be made from either natural bamboo or wood, and it’s stain-resistant and doesn’t damage the knife.

I think the knife magnet is safer than a magnetic strip.

Pros & Cons

When it comes to hanging the knife in a knife strip, some people hang the knife upside down and others handle it down. It all depends on how comfortable you are.

But there are many pros and cons of using a magnetic knife holder, and some of them are:


  • You can mount any were on the kitchen wall, so it saves a lot of space and problems.
  • The magnetic holders are exposed to open air, which means they will dry quickly. So, it reduces the risk of germs because of dampness. Also, your knife gets dried out quickly.
  • The magnetic knife holders can protect the knife edge from getting dull.
  • It’s a great way to show off your knife collection.
  • As magnetic knife holders have a magnet, so you can store your knives and other tools as well.
  • It can help to protect and prolong the life of a knife.
  • They are a cheap way to store your knife.


Magnetic holders are great, but it has a few disadvantages as well.

  • If the magnet is not strong, then the knife might fall, and this can be dangerous.
  • It’s dangerous if you have children and animals around.
  • If you do not wipe and store your knife, it might suffer from corrosion.
  • Magnetic holders can put pressure on the tang of the knife while removing it.

Are Magnetic Knife Holders Safe? 

A kitchen can be an interesting place for the kids with parents around preparing meals in the kitchen. Cooking is interesting, and the knife is a big part of kitchen activities.

When your child is in the kitchen, you have to divide your attention, and it’s important to make sure that the children are safe.

A magnetic knife holder can be dangerous, especially the knife strip because it doesn’t have an excellent quality magnet your knives might fall, and this is very dangerous.

Another scenario is when you install a knife holder lower, and it accesses the children. This is not a great idea. Your children might play with a knife, and nobody wants that.

If you consider all the scenarios, a knife holder is not safe if you have children in your home.

Do metal magnetic knife holders damage knives?

As most of us prefer using a magnetic knife holder, but do you know whether it’s safe to use a knife holder or not?

Magnetic knife holders can seriously damage your knife if you are not storing it properly.

If you are just washing the blade, and you stick it on the magnetic strip, there is a high chance of getting corrosion because your blade comes in contact with the air.

As you know, water and air can easily lead to corrosion, and it can slowly degrade the blade. The right way to wipe the blade and store it.

Also, the magnetic holder put a lot of pressure on the tang of the blade while removing it. It can stress the stability of the blade over time.

What Is The Best Magnetic Knife Holder?

There are many brands that offer good magnetic knife holders, but some leading manufacturers are alphyse, modern innovation, and a few more.

If you want the easy way, you can select the below best magnet knife holders.

There are many types of magnetic knife holders, but I have only a few of them.

1. Premium Magnetic Strip 

If you are looking for a magnetic knife strip, this is one of the best and most affordable knife strips you can find.

The kitchen knife magnetic strip has a high-quality neodymium magnet that holds your knife set securely. The magnet is powerful and needs power and takes a gentle tug to release the blade.

The magnetic wooden knife holder is specially designed so that it can hold all types of blades like a butcher knife, cleavers, bread knives, chef knives, and even the largest and the heaviest knife.

It has elegantly modern and is made with high-quality walnut hardwood for an elegant appearance.

The design of the bar is pretty simple, and you’ll really love the magnetic strip for kitchen knives.

2. Kitchen Magnetic Knife Block

Here is another magnetic wood knife block, and it’s one of the best knife blocks you can find. It has a strong neodymium magnet that holds your blade tightly.

It has a unique anti-skid design as helps to increase the thickness at the base making the knife block more stable, and you don’t have to worry about slippage or shaking.

The knife holder is made from strong acacia wood, and they are naturally very strong and moisture resistant with a fine texture.

Overall, the magnetic knife block is pretty good, and it can hold all types of blades, and it’s worth investing in the tool.


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