7 Best Knife Edge Guards For All Types of Knives (Guide & Review)

7 Best Knife Edge Guards For All Types of Knives (Guide & Review)

Knives are one of the most important tools in your kitchen, and they are expensive. It can be dangerous if you don’t store them properly.

Most kitchen knives suffer from rust or corrosion, just simply because you are not storing them properly. Also, it can be dangerous if you leave them in a drawer.

Knives get dull and get damaged when you leave them in the drawer. That’s why knife guards are specially designed to protect your blades.

Using a knife guard not only protects the blades but can also it for carrying the blades around.

Well, if you are using a knife roll, then you might want to get a knife guard because it acts as a sheath and protects your fingers.

A Knife guard also keeps your blade from poking holes in your knife roll.

But finding out the right knife guard for your knife can be tricky because knives vary so much in terms of size, shape, and handle.

And there is no point in getting a knife guard that won’t fit great. Even if the blades are rough and big, a knife guard must fit properly.

That’s a simple and amazing way to protect your bales, isn’t it?

That’s why you need a knife guard and a knife guard and a knife guard not only protects your blade from suffering from rusting but also protects your hands.

That’s why I have made the complete guide on the  7 best knife edge guards for all types of knives and can help you figure out the best one according to your choice.

Additionally, I have shared an FAQ section where I have answered some of the most commonly asked questions and tried answering them.

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If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to read this complete article, then you should check out the Noble Home & Chef knife guard that is made from ABS plastic and which makes it non-BPA and non-toxic.

The guard is more resistant to abrasion, and it has a higher impact strength that separates the knife protector from other types of knife sleeves.

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Why Do I need a knife guard?

We all know that a knife is sharp and storing the knife in a drawer without a knife blade protector can be dangerous, and even it can dull and damage the knife.

A good quality knife requires good quality storage and as we know there are many ways to store a knife: knife blocks, magnetic strips, and even knife bags are quite effective. 

Knives are expensive, and they need to be stored properly so that they last long, and you don’t want to damage your blades just because of not using a knife guard.

These are some major reasons to use a knife guard:

  • To prevent the blades from getting dull when stored in a drawer.
  • It helps during transportation.
  • To prevent cutting your hand.
  • The knife cover gives a good look to the knife.
  • To protect other items in the drawer.
  • To prevent the knife from pocking through the knife bag.

Buying Guide For Best Knife Guards

The under-cabinet knife storage method is also a great way to store a kitchen knife. However, it’s recommended to use a knife guard while storing a knife.

But when it comes to knife covers, you need to choose the right one, all types of materials are not good, and sometimes it might even damage your blades.

  • Quality: The quality of the knife cover determines your money’s worth. So while getting a product your price should match the product. While getting a knife guard your must make sure of a few things like the material should be abrasion resistant and it must have a good interior so that it protects the blade from getting scratched.
  • Safety: Well, it may seem that many knife guards are safe to use. However, that is not a guarantee with all types of brands and models. If you are using a cheap quality knife guard, then that can be dangerous because knives have sharp points and they can easily rip off. Always make sure it’s made from high-quality plastic or leather.
  • Material: The material of the knife guard is the most determining aspect and the most commonly used materials are plastic, leather, polyester, and even PVC. Well, each material has a positive and negative aspect. The material also has a huge impact on the pricing of the guard.
  • Pricing: The pricing of the guard is also an important factor. However, if you are looking for premium quality, it might cost you more. The leather knife guard might cost you more than the typical plastic fiber.
  • Type of Knife: Well, if you are getting a knife guard it’s always recommended to get a set of 5 to 10 pieces so that it can easily fit all sizes of knives. For example, a santoku knife will not fit in the same guard as a nakiri knife. 

7 Best Knife Edge Guards: Which One Is Best? 

Having the best knife guard can help in protecting your blades and also increase their longevity of the blades and this is a meaningful way to store your kitchen knives.

I have spent more than 8 hours figuring out finding out the best knife edge guards. Finally, I found the top 7, which I have listed below. You need to check the below. 

1. Noble Home & Chef Knife Guard 

The blade protector is specially designed for all kinds of knives like paring, boning, utility, chef, and bread knives and is designed for professional chefs and home cooks as well.

It has one of the best quality plastics and the company prefers to choose ABS over PVC plastics as it is a harder material, and it has impact strength even being thinner.

Also, the material used is non-BPA and non-toxic, which means it’s safe to use with kitchen knives.

The sleeve has been designed to protect you from cuts and safeguard the blade from getting damaged. It comes with 8-pieces of knife protectors of different sizes that can fit a variety of knives.

One of the best things about the product is it has a customer rating of 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon which has been given by their 2000-plus happy customer

Also, it is covered with a waterproof coating, so you don’t have to worry about the knife guard getting damaged because of water. So you don’t need to take tense about it.

  • It is thick and made from ABS plastic.
  • Resistance to abrasions.
  • It doesn’t include any harmful chemicals that are unhealthy.
  • It’s made from a cut-proof material.
  • It is slightly more expensive than other knife blade guards.

2. Asaya Professional Knife Guard

The 11 pieces universal blade cover is made by Asaya, and they are one of the leading manufacturers of knife guards and built high-quality knife guards for years.

It has an angled opening that can easily fit slanted and straight knife handles and the knife protector perfectly knife-like chef, bread, santoku, paring, steak, boning, and slices easily.

Because it has a unique design pattern it looks quite attractive, and it’s been inspired by carbon fiber. The blade cover provides more grip and provides protection against accidental damage, and slipping.

Moreover, it’s made from high-quality durable ABS plastic and has an inner felt lining to protect your blades from wear and tear.

It’s resistant to cuts, stains, and abrasion and the best part is its BPA-free material which means we can easily use it with kitchen knives.

The knife guard can be easily wiped and cleaned by using a damp cloth, but we do not recommend it be washed with water.

  • Available in 11 different sizes.
  • Non-Toxic and BPA-free material.
  • It has textured for extra grip and to prevent slipping.
  • Compatible with most of the knife brands.
  • It’s not thick and cannot be washed with water.

3. EverPride Kitchen Knife Guard

The kitchen knife protectors by Everpride are a perfect pick if you want to cover your entire set of knives. We can use the knife edge guard for protecting your favorite sets of knives.

We can use the knife cover for protecting a wide range of knives like fillet, serrated, paring, bread, nakiri, santoku, and a wide variety of other knives.

It has been designed rectangularly so that it can easily fit culinary knives of many sizes and include a wide range of styles, brands, and designs.

The entire set of knife protectors has 10 knife covers that range from 5 inches to 12 inches and it can give your versatility so that you can protect your entire knife set.

The entire set of knife protectors has felt lines that protect the knives from getting dull and scratched and help in maintaining the sharpness and quality of the blade.

EverPride knife covers have soft interiors so that your blades have a prolonged lifespan.

  • Available in different sets.
  • Heavy-duty kitchen knife sleeves.
  • Non-Toxic and Food Safe.
  • The replacement and support are quick.
  • You will not get any warranty with this knife guard

4. Waterproof Leather Knife Guard 

Are you looking for a leather knife guard? then you are in the right place. The knife guard is made from high-quality premium leather for long-term durability.

The knife protector sleeve is travel-friendly, convenient, and portable which makes it easy while going camping, barbequing, and doing other work.

One of the best features of this guard is it’s fully waterproof, which separated the guard from other types of knife protectors.

Also, the lightweight easy-to-use knife guard can easily fit all types of kitchen knives. Thanks to its universal design it can easily fit a chopping knife or even a meat cleaver.

It’s made from heavy-duty leather has double stitching and has cut and puncture resistance hence it can easily last long.

Also, the brown color adds a lot of advantages as you can easily identify your knife in the drawer and safely use your blades.

  • Made from high-quality leather.
  • It’s water resistance.
  • Fits most of the brands and is easy to clean.
  • Knives can be stored and transported easily.
  • Available in only color option.

5. Chef Sac Universal knife guard

If you are looking for an impact resistance knife guard, then the knife guard from Sac perfectly combines both cut-proof and impact resistance.

The structural strength and the stiffness of this knife guard are very high and are perfect for even the toughest kitchens and even the toughest chefs.

You don’t have to even worry about the size of the knife guard as the knife guard comes in many different sizes and it can easily fit different sizes of kitchen knives.

The plastic knife guard is food safe and made from high-quality ABP plastics that can even handle heavy-duty knives.

These knife covers are designed to repel water and also they are non-abrasive which makes them perfect for professionals and everyday cooks.

It has attractive carbon fiber craftsmanship, and that improves the standards and protects the blade from slipping as it improves the grip.

  • It has carbon fiber craftmanship.
  • Universal knife blade sizes.
  • Non-Toxic, BPA-Free, and food are safe.
  • It has impact resistance.

  • It cannot fit meat cleavers.

6. Shun Saya Universal Knife Guard

The knife guard has been beautifully crafted from beech wood for securing your knife blade. If you are looking for a wooden knife guard, then this is the perfect piece.

Yes, it’s slightly more expensive than the regular plastic knife guard, but it’s worth investing in such a high-quality wooden knife guard.

The knife guard can easily protect 7-8 inches chef knives santoku knives and even other similar varieties of kitchen knives.

The Shun Saya knife guard measures about 8 inches in length and it has a wide opening of about 1.5 inches and 2mm wide so that it can easily fit a large variety of knives.

Also, the sleeve has a locking pin that helps to tighten the knife and securely hold your kitchen knife within the sheath.

  • t has a universal fit for kitchen knives.
  • It has a loose fit for breathability and air circulation.
  • Made from high-quality beech wood.
  • It’s light in weight.

  • It only comes in with a single-size option

7. Kessaku Sheath Knife Protector 

The knife protector from kessaku fits, almost varieties of knife-like Santoku, bread, paring, boning knife, and other varieties of knives in similar ranges.

It uses ABP plastic and this plastic guard is constructed very hard and is more resistant to abrasion and has a very high impact strength.

Also, ABP plastic is food safe, and hence, it won’t cause any harm to your blade, or nighter your food.

You can simply use these guards and can protect your bales from getting dull. The knife guard gets perfectly fits your blades and is extremely safe to use.

One of the best things about this knife protector is it’s 2X times thicker than other brands, and that helps the cover to survive for a longer duration.

You can simply use this guard, and it can protect your blade from getting dull and protect your blades.

It has a 100% lifetime warranty 100% lifetime warranty, and in case you find any fault you can simply contact the brand.

  • It’s simple and easy to use.
  • ABP plastic does not cause any risk to your health.
  • Perfectly fits a variety of knives.
  • Made by trusted a brand.
  • Little more expensive than other brands.

Wrap Up On 7 Best Knife Edge Guards

Having a kitchen knife blade guard can protect your blades from getting scratched when you leave them in a drawer, and this can extend the life of your blades.

A knife roll and knife stand are also great ways to store a knife but when you leave your blade open, it can be very dangerous, and it becomes necessary to use a proper knife guard.

That’s why I have included the 7 best knife edge guards that can protect your blade and also they can be used with kitchen knives because they are food safe.

Also, they are cheap, and can easily fit all varieties of knives which is the best past part about knife protectors.

Because there are many types of cheap knife guards people and they are not food safe it’s highly not recommended to use them as they can damage the blade as well as toxic the food.

So, wherever you’re getting a knife guard from an offline store or online I always recommend using a BPA-free so that it’s safe to use.

FAQ: Best Knife Guards 

Finding out the best knife edge is difficult, and sometimes it’s very confusing, and that’s why most of them ask a lot of questions.

And that can be solved easily. So I have tried to add some of the most commonly asked questions and tried to give them appropriate answers.

1. Do knife guards work?

The knife guard that fits fully into the blade can protect the blade. Some knife protectors won’t fit your knife blade, so it’s always significant to get the right size so that it safeguards the blade and prevent the blade from slipping from the knife guard.

2. What are knife guards made of?

In the market, there are many types of knife guards available, but not all of them are good. Knife guards made from harmful plastic are not food-safe and sometimes times they can be dangerous.
Plastics with non-BPA and non-toxic and considered food-safe, and can be used with kitchen knives.
Most knife guards are made from black polystyrene and wood, and these are commonly used materials for making knife guards.

3. How Should knives be stored to keep sharp edges?

Knives are expensive, and we must store them appropriately. There are many ways of storing a knife, for example, securing them in a rack, or using a knife roll.
I have made a detailed article about the best ways to store a knife, you can visit the link for more details.

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