7 Best Knife For Cutting Vegetables: Chopping, Slicing & Dicing 2024

Best Knife For Cutting Vegetables: Chopping, Slicing & Dicing 2023

It’s impossible to work in the kitchen without a proper vegetable-cutting knife and if you don’t have a proper knife, then you aren’t going right.

Knives are one of the most important tools in the kitchen and it’s foremost to use the right type of knife for cutting vegetables.

Most of them are aware of the difference between a meat-cutting knife and a vegetable knife and use the same knife for cutting both of them. But this is wrong.

It’s essential to use a different knife for cutting meat and vegetables, or else there is a high chance of cross-contamination and this leads to infection.

You need a proper knife for cutting vegetables so that you can cut the vegetables safely and efficiently. A vegetable chopping knife must not only be sharp but also durable.

Most of them ask me from sources about which is the best knife for cutting vegetables. and it’s difficult to answer them individually.

Knives can be dangerous if you don’t find the right one because there are many types of knives available in the market.

Finally, I found a list of the best chopping knife, which fits the best needs and are a perfect solution not only for homes but also for restaurants.

Hold on, I have to spend over 10 hours understanding everything about the knives and their properties, and finally reading customer reviews and I don’t want you to do the same.

So make sure you read this complete article so that you can get a complete understanding of the buying guide, the pros and cons of each knife and finally you can choose yours.

First, I suggest you understand some basics about the vegetable cutting knives like what makes a good vegetable knife? and the buying guide.

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Because it has amazing construction and very good customer reviews, it’s one of the best of all. The blade will help to perform all types of cutting activities in the kitchen.

The global vegetable cleaver is made from high-carbon steel because of which you don’t have to sharpen the blades most of the time.

Amazing…! I know that is why I founded the Dalstrong knife, and it’s one of the best multipurpose knives. By the way, I am also using it.


So now it’s time to understand the buying guide that will help you select the best knife for cutting vegetables.

What’s a good vegetable knife?

Many moral characteristics make a good vegetable knife like it must be made from excellent quality steel or Ceramic and have good quality handles.

Most kitchen knives are made from normal metal and that is why they suffer from corrosion which degrades the metal slowly.

The material isn’t the only you have to pay attention to when looking for a good vegetable knife. There are many other factors like the size of the blade and balance.

A good quality knife won’t be very light and also it must not be heavy either.

A quality knife must feel comfortable in your hands and have proper weight distribution. Also, it must be made from good quality steel with high carbon content in it.

While buying a knife you must know every knife has unique properties and a hunting knife has unique characteristics to a vegetable knife.

Buying Guide For Best Knife For Chopping Vegetables

Having a good vegetable chopping knife can make your job easy. Also, you will cut vegetables quicker and in a much more efficient and clean way.

But it’s important to understand the buying guide before you get your knife because not all blades are good for cutting vegetables.

A knife must have certain excellent qualities and good construction.

Also, there are varieties of knives used in the kitchen so to understand in a better way you must understand the buying guide.

 1. Weight 

The weight of the blade is an important factor you have to consider before buying a knife.

If your blade doesn’t have a perfect weight balance, you cannot cut perfect slices of vegetables.

As there is no specific weight for a kitchen knife, but your blade must weigh in between 10 ounces, and it’s a perfect weight for the vegetable cutting knife.

Also, the weight of the blade is like a preference, depending upon the size of your palm and comfort while using it.

Some of them would like to have a lightweight knife, but some of them like using a heavy knife. However, according to me, lightweight knives are much more comfortable and versatile.

2. Size 

There are many sizes of vegetable chopping knives and all you have to look at is the size of the blade and the handle.

Most professional chefs consider using an 8-inch knife because it’s comfortable and versatile to use. It is a standard size accepted in most kitchens.

However, meat cleaver knives can be slightly about 12 inches. That’s why you have to check out the guide to know more about it.

3. Built Quality 

There are different varieties of steel used for making knife blades. For kitchen knives, we use usually carbon steel for making the blades because they are less prone to corrosion.

So you don’t have to worry much about taking care of corrosion.

However, if your blade suffers corrosion, you can read my other article on how to keep knives from rusting.

If you don’t have a good built quality, in most cases the blades bend or break, and you have to fix it. So sure you check the quality and brand before buying.

4. Handle Material 

Most of them don’t talk about the handle material. However, this is an important factor because the handle is the only place where you are going to hold it.

If you don’t have a comfortable and safe handle, there is no point in getting the knife.

Wood is the best material for knife handles, and they have a good grip and are safe.

There are other varieties of handles like steel handles and plastic handles. But professionals recommend wooden ones.

The 7 Best Knife For Cutting Vegetables: Cheap & Affordable 

Finding the best kitchen knife is not a simple task and I have spent over 10 hours finding the list of all the best knives.

There are different varieties of kitchen knives and not all knives can be used for cutting & chopping vegetables. It’s tough to find.

But if you are reading this instruction carefully, then you will not face any problems while finding the best vegetable knife for your kitchen.

1. Dalstrong Chef Knife


Dalstrong is one of the leading manufacturers of knives in the market and makes top-quality knives made with premium materials.

The knife is built with cutting-edge technology and has stunning design elements. The blades are razor-sharp and made from high-carbon German steel and hand-polished at 16 to 18 degrees.

It has a very comfortable Pakewood handle, and the wood is one of the best wood for knife making. It has good corrosion resistance, and you don’t have to worry about it.

The ultra-sharp blade ensures that you’ll never lose your grip. Also, it’s stain-resistant so it’s easy to clean and provides low maintenance and high performance. 

The edge of the blade is straight rather than beveled which keeps the blade razor-sharp for a longer time.

Compared to other brands, the Dalstrong provides a better knife with a 100% money-back guarantee. It’s worth investing in the tools, also I’m using it.

  • Ergonomic design for Cutting & Chopping
  • Highly durable handles
  • It’s a lightweight knife
  • High carbon and stainless blade
  • Slightly expensive
  • Not ideal for meat cutting

2. Imarku Vegetable Knife


Our second choice is the Imarku vegetable knife, and this is one of the best knives for cutting fruit and vegetables as it has an amazing design for multi-purpose use.

The ultra-sharp blade is forged with German steel to achieve the required hardness and makes the best cut with the razor-sharp blade.

It’s a corrosion-resistant blade because it has a chrome content of about 16 to 18% which makes the blade completely corrosion-resistant.

Also, it gives an attractively glossy finish to the blade and this will not tarnish the blade even after using it for a long time.

You can use the knife for cutting all types of vegetables and it can smoothly cut through. Overall, the blade comes under the top brands and the blade can easily last for years.

  • It has comfortable grip handles
  • Value for money knife
  • Super sharp vegetable knife
  • Tempered steel for longer life
  • Not Indel for hard vegetables
  • Might stain because of the chrome

3. Santoku Japanese Knife


The Santoku knife is one of the best Japanese knives for cutting vegetables with an ultra-sharp blade made from German HC stainless steel.

We can use the blade in the kitchen for daily tasks like chopping, dicing, and slicing vegetables and fruits. It can even cut meat however, it’s not recommended to cut raw meat.

The thickness of the blade is about 2.5 mm and it has a hand-polished edge of about 15 to 18 degrees per side. Therefore, the blade is suitable for homes and restaurants.

It has an amazing pakkawood handle that minimizes wrist tension and provides a more secure and comfortable grip even after extensive use.

Santoku offers corrosion-free knives so that you don’t have to worry about them. However, the blade requires proper cleaning and maintenance for a longer life.

  • Beautiful patterns in the blade
  • lightweight blade and comfortable handles
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Suitable for chopping, slicing & dicing
  • The handle is not so comfortable

4. Mosfiata Super Sharp Knife


The Mosfiata knife protects your finger and keeps the knife sharp with the other three items that come in the box. It comes with all the additional required tools for sharpening.

The vegetable knife provides one of the most comfortable handles. Even with prolonged usage your wrist and palm won’t fatigue.

It’s ideal for professional restaurant use because of a triple rivet design that attaches the handle and firmly secures the blade. It’s glued with top-quality glue that ensures more durability.

Mosfiata knives are handcrafted by experienced knife makers with 14 to 16 degrees per side. Also, the thickness of the blade is about 2.5mm for a longer life.

The best part about the veggie knife is it has amazing designers on the blade which makes the blade even more attractive. The designs make the blade even more premium.

  • Most beautiful designs in the blade
  • Value for the money
  • Sturdy Ergonomic Design & Micarta Handle
  • Includes finger Guard, Sharpener, and Blade Guard
  • The blade is slightly heavy
  • Average wood quality

5. Paudin Pro Kitchen Knife


If you are looking for a cheap and affordable knife, then you can check out the Paudin Pro kitchen knife. This is one of the most affordable knives you can find.

The vegetable-cutting knife is perfect for cutting pieces of bread, vegetables, or even meat. The razor-sharp blade is perfect for home and even professional use.

It can perform all types of daily kitchen tasks like chopping, slicing, and even dicing fruits and vegetables. It’s truly the best chef knife for home use.

If it’s a low-priced knife, it doesn’t mean it’s a cheap quality knife. The blade is made from high-quality German steel.

Also, it has one of the most beautiful handles, it is soft and comfortably fits in the palm. The ergonomic shape of the blade ensures simple movement and comfortable handling.

  • Most beautiful pakkawood handle
  • Cheap and affordable knife
  • It has an ultra-sharp edge
  • It is a multifunctional knife

  • Average quality knife
  • Not for professional use

6. Zwilling  J.A. Henckels

If you are looking for an expensive knife, this is the knife that you must go with. The Zwilling is one of my favorite knife manufacturers in the market.

The knives are expensive but trust me they make the best quality knives. The knife is made by Zwilling and is handmade from High-grade German steel.

The best part about the sharpest cooking knife is it remains sharp for a longer time compared to other knives in a similar category.

It has a very comfortable polymer three-rivet handle, and it’s perfectly bonded to the full tang. It has 57 Rockwell hardness for excellent edge retention and hardness.

It has 15 degrees on both sides of the blade that help in easy chopping and slicing. Overall, it is slightly expensive but it’s worth investing in the best all-around knife.

  • Best knife for professional use
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Ergonomic polymer three rivet handle
  • Premium quality & food-grade stainless steel
  • Slightly on the expensive side

7. Dalstrong Santoku Knife 


Our last choice is the knife from the same brand Dal Strong and as I have said they are the leading manufacturers of knives in the market.

This amazing thing about the dicing knife is it’s NSF Certified which makes the blade food safe. I think this is one of the most beautiful knives on the market.

The kitchen chopper knife is fully blackened with Black Titanium coating which gives the blade a premium look. Well, if you want to learn how to blacken a knife blade you can check my other post.

Also, the handle geometry is unique in that comfortably fits in the palm and gives you are firm grip while cutting.

In addition, the beautiful-looking knife has been hand polished while the G10 handle is textured to provide more grip and has antislip properties.

  • One of the most beautiful knife
  • Most comfortable handle grip
  • Made from high carbon super steel
  • Fully corrosion resistance
  • The blade is on the expensive side

Should You Sharpen Knives Every Time You Use Them? 

Sharpening the knife is part of maintenance and you have to sharpen the knife depending on how often you are using the blade.

Usually, kitchen knives are made with low-carbon steel and they get dull sooner compared to high-carbon blades.

Sharpening is the process of grinding down the metal and it doesn’t damage the knife but simply helps in restoring the V-shaped edge on the blade.

For, a person who regularly uses the knife has to sharpen the blades a few times a year if you are properly maintaining her blades.

However, you can hone the edge with steel once or twice a week for better cutting.

It’s necessarily not required to sharpen the blades every week unless you are using a meat cleaver knife for cutting bones.

What Is a Disadvantage of Using a Dull Knife?

A dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp knife and it increases the risk of cutting the fingers.

Sharp knives are easy to control and easily slice through the vegetable but a dull knife doesn’t serve the purpose of what it was intended.

When you use a dull knife, you have to apply a lot of force to cut, whether you are cutting meat or vegetables a dull knife doesn’t do the job efficiently.

More people apply extra force and as a result, they twist uncontrollably, and the next moment you cut your fingers.

The blade might slice through the skin and it’s really difficult to heal, also you might suffer from infection if not cured properly.

I never cut using a dull knife and also I don’t recommend using a dull knife because it’s really dangerous.

What Knife Is Used To Cut Fruits And Vegetables?

There are many types of knives available in the market and all of them have different purposes.

But most commonly kitchen knives are found in even one’s homes and restaurants. For cutting fruits you can probably use a paring knife.

Paring knives are small knives used for small cutting tasks in the kitchen. The knife is handy so that you can easily cut fruits.

However, if you are looking for a knife for cutting vegetables, the list of all the knives that I have provided above is the best knife for cutting vegetables.

Wrap Up On Best Knife For Cutting Vegetables

So whether you require a knife for cutting vegetables or fruits, all the list of knives that I have listed are the best knives for cutting vegetables.

You can choose any of them and you won’t go wrong because all of them are top-rated knives.

I have spent over 10 hours reading various blogs, and customer reviews to find out the best ones.

Choosing the right knife is not an effortless task because you require the right knowledge to identify the right type of knife.

Some people are specialized in finding detailed work, while others are just straightforward.

However, if you follow this guide, you will find the best one for you. Because many manufacturers make different varieties of knives and not all of them are good, even if they claim.

Although you can go with your research to find the best one, this article can save you time.

I hope the guide has helped you out in finding the right variety of knives.


Well, if you have questions related you can ask me in the comment section below.

FAQ: Best Vegetable Knife

There are several questions that people ask about kitchen knives and I have answered a few of them. You can read this section to clear your extra doubts.

I have added them to my article and tried my best to give answers to them.

1. What kind of knife is best for cutting tomatoes?

For cutting tomatoes you will need a serrated knife. This type of blade usually has a cutting edge like a saw that can easily cut through the skin.
Here is a complete buying guide on the best tomato knife. You can check out more information about it.

2. Can people use the same knife to cut meat and vegetables?

It’s not recommended to use the same knife for cutting meat and vegetables because the infected blade can contaminate your vegetables, and you might suffer from food poisoning. Raw meat can spread infection, and if you want to use the same knife for cutting vegetables, then you have to immediately disinfect the cutting board and the blade. Here are tips to know when a knife must be cleaned and sanitized.

3. How Do I Sharpen a Kitchen Knife? 

The best way to sharpen a kitchen knife is by using an electric knife sharpener because they work pretty great, and can effectively sharpen any type of blade. The other method is to use a sharpening stone,

4. How do I cut vegetables without the knife going off at an angle?

You will require a very sharp knife so that one edge is vertical and hold the vegetable firmly. Now slice through the vegetable with a control motion from top to bottom. If it doesn’t work for you, you can use a Mitra box for cutting the vegetables.
Hold the vegetable with the clamp and slowly cut the vegetable, and you can remove the clamp.

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