7 Best Meat Cleaver For Cutting Bone: Boning & Chopping Knife Review Guide 2024

7 Best Meat Cleaver For Cutting Bone: Boning & Chopping Knife Buying Guide 2023

When we think about a knife for cutting meat bones, then we most commonly think about cleavers because they are the only knives that cut through bones.

I always like cutting meat myself so that I can cut it into the required shape and side. But one of the most challenging problems is, you need a good knife for that.

Also, there is a wide variety of meat-cutting knives like carving knives, boning knives, and many other types, and you know not all of them are good.

Preparing your meat faster, easier, and safer will require the right tool, and with so many types of knives on the market finding the right one is tricky if you are not aware of the difference.

So, in this guide, I have brought much important information and a detailed review of the best meat cleaver for cutting bone.

Without a piece of proper knowledge, it’s difficult to find a specialized knife that hardly use, and you end up selecting the wrong knife.

Also, the naming convention of knives is confusing, and there are multiple names and types.

One of the most challenging things is there are many types of cleavers and the word part is all of them look similar, and you should know all cleavers cannot cut bones.

To help you out, I have done complete research over 6 hours to get all types of information about cleavers and which is the best knife for cutting meat bones.

I tried my best to include all the information and the meat cleaver reviews, so make sure you read the entire article.

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Well, if you have little time to read the complete articles, then with no doubt you can go with the Dalstrong Obliterated meat cleaver, one of the best currently in the market.

The heavy-duty meat cleaver has been newly launched, and it has a good customer review.

It has a customer rating of 4.8 out of 5 which has been given by its thousand-plus happy customers.

Also, it has an excellent design, and it has one of the most comfortable handles. The incredibly razor-sharp bone cleaver can easily cut bones, and it’s one of the best cleavers for chopping bones.

Awesome!!!. I know that’s why I have found this heavy-duty meat-cutting knife with all the best properties. By the way, I am using it.

So, it’s time to understand the different types of cleavers and the buying guide. This will help you in choosing the best knife for cutting raw meat.

Types Of Cleavers 

There are many types of cleavers available in the market and not all of them are the same. Getting a better cutting experience depends on which type of clever you are using.

As you know, there are three types of cleavers available in the market. So let’s understand three of them.

1. Meat Cleaver 

Usually, western meat cleavers are heavy-duty meat cleavers (Knives) and are used for butchering even dense bones.

The simple rule is the bigger the bone, the larger the cleaver gets so that it can handle the bones. The meat cleaver has a powerful sharp ax-shaped blade that is thicker than an average chef’s knife.

The blades are big enough so that we can use them for opening the coconuts or dice and mincing the meat. It’s made from high-carbon steel which makes the blade strong enough.

2. Chinese Cleavers 

Chinese cleavers are also known as Chinese chef’s knives, and they are lightweight and thin. They are tall and have rectangular-shaped blades.

These types of blades are mostly used in Asian countries, and they perform pretty well while cutting.

We can use the Chinese knife for slicing, chopping, or even mining fruits and vegetables with different styles. Typically, they are not for butchering.

3. Vegetable Cleavers 

Vegetable cleavers are originally from Japan, and we know them as Japanese knives. It has a sort of rectangular blade and basically, there are two types.

Usuba has a single level, while the nakiri comes with a double level. We use both knives for slicing and chopping vegetables.

How to Pick the Best Knives for Cutting Bone? 

Cleavers knives are one of the most versatile types of knives and you can perform a wide range of food preparation tasks with them.

Choosing the right type of knife is not a simple task because there are many things that you must know to get one.

I suggest you check all these criteria this will help you find the Best Meat Cleaver For Cutting Bone.

  •  Hand Comfort: Hand comfort matters a lot with clever knives because you are going to use your cleavers for a long time and hand comfort will determine how well you can cut. Your handle must be comfortable enough so that you can hold it properly, and some of the handle materials are wood, plastic, metal, or composites. Wooden handles are one of the best choices because they are light and provide some grip while cutting.
  • Weight: The second major factor is to check the weight of the knife. A cleaver must not be so heavy that you feel it is difficult to hold while cutting. Weight is a big part and you must always check the weight before getting your blades. Some people might find lightweights cleavers are more comfortable but with a bone-cutting knife, your blade must weigh at least 12 to 13 ounces. If don’t have much experience with that you can go to the supermarket and check the weight individually.
  • Sharpness: There is no point in using a dull knife, as you might injure yourself. It’s important to check the sharpness of a blade, and how long they stay sharp. The sharpness of the blade doesn’t just determine how well it works, but how safe it is. A blade must be sharp enough so that you can easily cut through the bones. The best way to determine the sharpness of a blade is by cutting a piece of paper.
  • Cost: The cost of the blade is important, if you are someone who is using the blade regularly, then it’s worth spending some more money to get a good meat cleaver. For many of the knives you don’t have to spend more money, however, if you want a heavy meat-cutting knife made from German steel then you might have to spend some extra. But sometimes, you might have to pay extra just because of the brand. However, it’s always recommended to check the quality of the blade not just the brand.

Best Meat Cleaver For Cutting Bone (Cheap & Budget-Friendly)

Literally, finding the best kitchen cleaver is very difficult, and I have to spend over 4+ hours researching for finding the best one.

I have found these 7 that come with the best design and handles that can help to improve your cutting skills also these blades will last longer.

1. Dalstrong Obliterated Meat Cleaver

As I have mentioned earlier dal strong makes one of the best cleaver knives, and also they are strong and long-lasting, also I really like blades made by dal strong.

It features outstanding craftsmanship and is designed with cutting-edge technology and premium stainless for a priceless look. The model had been newly launched, and it’s just amazing.

It has incredibly razored-sharp edges, and It’s made from high carbon 7cr17mov Steel and treated under 60HRC. The huge meat cleaver can effectively chop any type of ribs and bones.

It’s perfectly handed polished to a satin finish, and they have carefully tapered for improving hardness, flexibility, and minimal slicing resistance.

Also, the handles are handcrafted with pakkawood, and they are one of the best wood for knife handles and which serve the wood as a purpose of both storage and display.

The bone chopper has very comfortable handling, and you’ll have full control while using it. Overall, it’s a heavy-duty butcher knife.


  • Long handle cleaver
  • Best butcher knife
  • Premium built & feel
  • Huge meat cleaver


  • The weight is more

2. TUO Vegetable & Meat Cleaver Knife

The professional meat cleaver is one of the most beautiful cleavers of all. It has an elegant modern design and is more purposefully functional.

It features high carbon steel, and it has been heating treated with nitrogen cryogenic tempering to ensure more strength, durability, and maximum performance.

The large meat cleaver has a ripple pattern finish and has been designed with state-of-the-art technology to make the blade looks more elegant.

Since it has 3D patterns, it reduces the surface contact between the food and the bales and prevents the food from sticking to the blades when you are slicing.

The meat-cutting guy performs pretty well when chopping any type of meat. In addition, the bales are corrosion resistant so you don’t have to worry about oiling the bales every day.

The full tang structure has a triple rivet built, and that allows superior resilience and strong durability. Also, it has very comfortable G10 handles for agronomical hand comfort.


  • Made from German steel
  • Most comfortable handle
  • Super sharp blades
  • Big meat cleaver


  • The designed damage if not properly cared

3. HENCKELS Meat Cleaver

The heavy-duty meat cleaver has been designed in Spain and fabricated with high German stainless steel which makes the blade even more durable.

The professional stain finish blade can make precise cuts because it has thin edges, through which you can easily cut thin slices of meat.

One of the best features about the blade is its dishwasher safe, so there is nothing to whine about hand washing. The 6-inch blades are perfect for chopping the joints and the bones.

Also, the handles are pretty comfortable to use because of the ergonomic design that gives you a perfect balance and comfort while you are cutting or slicing.

The bone-cutting is an exceptional value for the price and it’s worth investing in. This is the mid-range option so that you can easily grab it.

In addition, the blade has a hole at the edge so that you can easily hang the knife.


  • Hole for handing
  • Hefty & not overly heavy
  • Budget-friendly blade
  • Comfortable handling


  • The handle is plastic made

4. Wallop Chopper Meat Cleaver Knife

Another heavy-duty meat-cutting knife is the wallop meat chopper and believes me they are just amazing, also I have been using them for a couple of months are they are just great.

The high-quality material combines 67 layers of VG10 core Damascus blade and high carbon German din 1.4116 stainless steel that features rust resistance and is sound enough.

It has ergonomic handles and is made from luxurious rosewood and they are the best types of wood for knife making. The handles are beautiful and comfortable enough for a handy knife.

The 7.5-inch meat cleaver is best for carving all types of meat and also it feels quite easy to cut with the blade, as it goes through any type of meat.

Also, the blades stay ultra-sharp for a longer time and you don’t have to sharpen them most of the time.

Wallop is one of the leading manufacturers of knives and is leading the market, there is no doubt about the quality of the knife as the brand just makes amazing cleavers.


  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Best cleaver knife
  • Superior blade and Handel
  • The handle is very comfortable


  • Slightly expensive

5. German High Carbon Stainless Knife

If you are looking for a budget-friendly butcher’s meat cleaver, then this is the perfect choice of knife then check this one out.

The heavy-duty Japanese meat cleaver is made from 100% stainless steel and the handle is built from pakkawood. They are strong enough to handle daily usage and even falls.

This commercial meat cleaver can easily handle your everyday kitchens such as mincing, chopping, slicing, boning, and cutting meat, vegetable, and even fruits.

Designed for everyday needs for both commercial use and kitchens. Also, it’s easy maintenance and clean because it’s a dishwasher-safe knife.

It comes with premium pricing and it is worth every dollar you are spending on. The markup meat cleaver is an excellent German imported high-carbon knife that can keep its sharpness for a longer time.

The best thing about the stainless steel meat cleaver is it has a lifetime warranty, so you don’t have to wonder if you are risking your money.

The meat chopper knife is just amazing and we are waiting for you to check it out.


  • Heavy meat cleaver
  • Superior built quality
  • Best kitchen cleaver
  • Razor-sharp edges


  • Have to sharpen most of the time

6. DALSTRONG Cleaver Knife

Here is another blade from the same brand, and this blade is just one of the best meat cleavers for cutting bones, and I’m sure you’ll really love the blade.

The multi-purpose blade is a very popular blade in Asia and it’s used for chopping all types of meats and bones. It has a very sharp blade that can easily go through any type of meat.

It has a mirror polished with a staggering 8 to 12 degrees angle per side for easy cutting. The ultra-sharp blade is military-grade for long life and durability.

The vacuum-sealed Japanese steel knife has 62+ Rockwell hardness for extraordinary performance and edge retention.

Also, the blade is perfectly balanced weighing about 12.8 ounces. It’s slightly heavy but it functions perfectly well for cutting all types of meats.

Overall, the blade is perfect, and I highly recommended the blade to someone who is cutting meat on a daily basis.


  • Beautiful design on the blade
  • Best for all types of meats
  • Best knife to cut through bones
  • High-carbon German steel


  • Very expensive

7. TUO Heavy Meat Cleaver

Our final choice is the TUO heavy-duty cleaver and they are one of the leading manufacturers of knives in the current making, and their blades are just amazing.

The kitchen clever ensures good performance because of the high quality of German steel and it has been nitrogen treated for more durability and to increase to HRC56 ±2 and make blade corrosion resistant.

It has been hand polished by a skilled blacksmith to give a clean look to the knife. With each side of the blade measuring about only 18 degrees, you can easily cut thin slices.

Surprisingly, it has a very comfortable and ergonomically line design that highlights the knife. The bone cleaver has a premium-looking knife handle, and it gives an aesthetic look to your blade.

Also, the chopping knife is one of the best knives to cut through bones and it can easily chop through the meat and the bones. In addition, it weighs about 1.54 for comfortable handling.


  • Beautiful blade & handle
  • Comfortable handling
  • Made from premium steel
  • Ergonomic pakkawood handles


  • The handle is not so strong

How To Use a Meat Cleaver? 

It’s quite easy to use a meat cleaver but most peoples are unclear on how to use it because of the lack of knowledge of how to use it safely and effectively.

#1. Hold The Cleaver 

To use the meat cleaver, you need to hold it properly and there are two ways to hold meat cleaver. The first method is to hold the clutch part of the handle that is nearest to the blade.

You can put your thumb on one side of the handle and curl the remaining parts with your four fingers on the other side.

The second method is to hold the part of the handle that is closest to the blade. You can place the index finger on one side of the blade and the thumb on the other side.

Now curl your remaining fingers around the handle of the blade.

#2. Select The Right Grip

You can choose the first grip if you are not cutting the meat intricately. The first grip is ideal for chopping any type of bone or vegetable.

While on the other side if you are cutting meat or poultry meat, it’s better to use the second grip. Also, you can use your non-dominant hand to stabilize the blade.

#3. Cut Wisely 

Once you are comfortable with your grip and decide on the right grip, it’s time to cut. While cutting the meat, engage your wrist in the right chopping motion.

Start lifting your arm and bring down the food that you are cutting. Now use your wrist to direct the cleaver by applying force as required.

So, if you are using a wooden cutting board then cut the food perpendicular at a single angle, so that you can avoid splitting the board.

If the cleaver gets stuck in between the bones, you can use your dominant hand to spin the cleaver by applying sufficient pressure so that you can drive it towards.

How To Cut Through Bones?

best meat cleavers

While cutting meat the only thing you have to worry about is getting a stable platform so that nothing is in your way.

When you are having a good cleaver there is nothing that can stop you from chopping, but make sure your hands are clear of the blades.

It’s important to break the meat of the animals from large carcasses into primal and sub-primal cuts.

These are large parts of the animals that break down further into restaurant cuts.

You cannot just cut a big slice of meat so it must be broken down into smaller portions of fabricated cuts.

Before cutting the bones you will first require a sharp cleaver, cutting board, and a paper towel, and the best way to do that cut is to put your cleaver directly on what you want to cut.

Ideally sinking the blade is just enough to hold the blade steadily. Place your hand on the handle of the blade and push down the blade to chop through.

Now cut through the bones but even with a cleaver, you won’t want to cut more than an inch or two in thickness. If the bones are thicker, then you will need a professional cutter to break them down.

It’s easy to cut through the bones, you just need to have the right type of blade and you can easily cut any type of bone.

Remember, if you are cutting meats regularly your need to keep your blades very sharp as well as protect them from rusting.

Looking for maintenance tips? I’ve covered the most effective ways to keep a knife from rusting, which you can check out.

Wrap Up On Best Meat Cleaver For Cutting Bone

So whether you are cutting pork or beef you will require a good cleaver knife, and also it’s important to have a cleaver knife for better cutting.

The clever knife is the best for cutting bones and no other knife can make such a clean cut. If you are someone who is cutting meat regularly you must have a good cleaver.

However, it’s not compulsory to get a cleaver knife, you can also use a slicing knife for cutting carving. But, it would be tough to cut bones with a slicing blade and your might break your blades.

So it’s important to have a cleaver for making the process much easier.

I hope the guide on the best meat cleaver for cutting bones would have helped you in finding the right type of blade.

In my opinion, Dalstrong makes one of the best meat cleavers, and also it’s my personal favorite. They make one of the best types of cleavers and they are top quality.

FAQ: Best cleaver knife

Finding the right type of cleaver is tough, and you need to have the right type of knowledge for finding the best one. That’s why most peoples are aware of the right guidance.

Here are some questions that people mostly ask and want to know about.

1. What is the best way to store a meat cleaver?

So, we always recommended using knife oil for the handles so that handles and blades are oiled properly before storing them.
It helps in protecting from sunlight as well as protecting the handles from getting dried or else absorbing moisture. Once you oil the blade, do not store it in a place where there is direct sunlight. It’s better to store in a kitchen wardroom where there is no direct sunlight.

2. Why is there a hole in a meat cleaver?

Usually, most cleaver has a hole in the blade because of the shape and the size of the blade, it’s quite hard to fit in a knife block or even a kitchen drawer. Therefore, the hole allows the user to easily hang it on the nail.

3. What Is The Best Way To Sharpen a Chinese cleaver at home?

You can sharpen your blades by using an electric knife sharpener because it’s easy to use the electric one rather than using a whetstone. You can also sharpen your blades by using a Whetstone, but your need a certain level of expertise and you must know the right angle, or else you might damage the blades.

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