Can I Use Instant Oats For Overnight Oats? Which One Is Best

an I use instant oats for overnight oats

Oats have always been my favorite food for breakfast and it’s among the ideal breakfast for most people out there. Oats are also among the healthiest grains on the planet earth. 

The oats are gluten-free grains and a great source of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber. It’s really impossible to not fall in love with overnight-soaked oats. 

Most people ask questions, can I use instant oats for overnight oats, that is why we have prepared a complete blog post answering all the queries. 

You can use instant oatmeal for overnight oats but the texture of the oats will be different than regular oats. Instant oats are pressed thinner and are longer because of which they fall apart when they are soaked overnight. 

Overnight oats are soaked in milk and water overnight when served chilled in the morning. However, instant oats are actually cooked in milk or water and it’s served warm. 

If you using overnight oat’s for the first time, I’m sure you will find how good the oats are for breakfast. So this article is going to be very interesting and informative so make sure that you read the entire post.

Let’s start!!

Can I Use Instant Oats For Overnight Oats

First, let me clear you that Instant oats and overnight oats two different types of oats. Regular oats are used as instant oats and are heavily processed and packed for a longer time. 

There are many different types of oats available in the market. Not everyone is familiar with the type of oats. Wellness and goodness are different essences among the oat’s variety.

The most regular type of oats is the old-fashioned oats, commonly known as rolled oats.  

Rolled oats can absorb a lot of liquid and stay fresh for the more extended time period. This type of oat’s cooking time is low and it has a soft and mild taste. 

Instant oats are generally not recommended to soak overnight because when you try to soak the oats they will fall apart and become too soggy and most of us don’t like that.

However, If you are happy eating mushy overnight oats, you can also use Instant oats as they offer all the health benefits like rolled oats.

Oats are recommended by almost all the top nutritionists and dieticians. Oats are a highly nutritious meal for snacks and breakfast. 

The best oats to use for overnight are old-fashioned rolled oats. The best part is they absorbed milk or water without even getting too mushy. 

How To Make Overnight Oats With Quaker Instant Oatmeal

Making overnight oats is quite easy, you just have to follow the following steps.

Take a small jar and mix 1 part of the liquid and 1 part of oats. You can use water or milk to make overnight oats and soak the oats overnight.

You can always use regular milk instant over water as it has more nutritional benefits. Also, you’ll love the combination of almond milk and chocolate milk.

The best part of making overnight oats is you can use a wide range of alternatives. I have seen a lot of prefer using cashew milk, flavored yogurts, and even coconut milk for soaking oats overnight.

This area is some of the recommended milk that you can. When you are soaking the oat make sure that you add a pinch of salt so that you can enhance the flavor.

I personally add different flavors to the overnight-soaked oat which is why I always love to add chia seeds or apples. You can also add toppings like frozen fruits and spices or sweeteners in the morning to add more flavor.

Which Oats Are Best For Overnight Soaking?

There are many different types of oats available in the market and you can use any type of oats. However, the rolled oats will give you the best result. A small portion of rolled oats can go a long way and it can satiate your hunger.

The best oats for soaking overnight are the old fashion oats also known as rolled oats. The rolled oats are unbroken grains and are not much processed.

Instant oats are processed into packets and they can be stored for a longer time. Instant oats undergo extreme steaming before they are packed so that we can decrease the cooking time.

And that is why when you are using instant oat’s to soak overnight they mostly dissolved and get mussy in the morning.

It’s always a good choice to consume rolled oats as they are less processed and contain much soluble fiber called beta-glucan which can help in improving the insulin response and reduce blood sugar.

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Making Overnight Oats

Yes, It’s really simple to make overnight oat but these are some of the few things that you can keep in mind so that you make sure that your morning oats are creamy and taste good.

1. Add a good Amount of Water or Milk

When you are soaking the oats for hours it’s really important to add a sufficient amount of liquid so that the oats soak well. If you are using too little liquid the oats won’t be able to soften and won’t get a creamy texture.

Yet If you are using too much liquid it will end up with soup. The best way to soak oat’s it to mix 1 part of liquid and 1 part of oats and soak it overnight.

2. Not Adding Salt

The oats also need a little salt to taste good. Just like any other food the oats need some seasoning so that it tastes well. It’s always a good decision to add a pinch of salt when you are soaking it overnight.

3. Using Instant Oats

When you are using instant oats and soak them overnight, they actually just end up dissolving in the liquid. So it’s always a good decision to use the old-fashioned rolled oats to soak overnight.

What Are The Acceptable Oats To Soak Overnight

Let me tell you that all types of oats available in the market can be used to soak overnight. However, there are only a few oats that can give you the best result.

The most common types of oats to soak overnight oats are rolled oats and steel-cut oats.

The steel-cut oats can be used to soak overnight but they won’t give you the best taste because of their dense texture and it spoils the smooth and creamy texture.

Steel-cut oats are a type of whole oats that are cut once or twice. Since the piece of steel-cut oats is relatively larger, they require more soaking time due to the large flakes.

3 Health Benefits of Overnight Soaked Oats

When oats are soaked overnight the starch in the oats is naturally broken down and allows more nutrients to absorb into the oats. The oatmeal swells up and absorbs more liquid through the pores making it even healthier for breakfast.

Additionally, the acid in the oats gets broken down overnight allowing easier digestion. Also, it becomes easier to eat in the morning because of the sloppy texture of the oats.

Also, overnight oats can help to control 2 types of diabetes and this is one of the most common reasons why you should eat them.

1. Helps In Preventing Heart Disease

Overnight soaked includes a lot of beta-glucan and soluble fiber and it has been shown to lower the blood cholesterol level.

Also, oats are high in antioxidant and when it’s paired with vitamin C helps in reducing LDL oxidation, which can reduce the lead to heart attacks and strokes.

2. Immune System Booster

A bowl of overnight-soaked oats can also help in boosting your immune system. The beta-glucan present in oats increases the activity of WBC in our blood.

Also because oats have high selenium and zinc, they can help in fighting infection and the beta-glucan can work as an antibiotic and speed up the healing of the wound.

3. Relive Constipation

Because oats have insoluble fiver they can help with bowel movement and help in bulking up the stool, hence allowing soaking the water.

It also makes it easier and simpler for the stool to move through the colon and reduces constipation.


Hopefully, the information that we have provided will have answered all your questions. Rolled oats are always best for making overnight oats.

It’s true that instant oats have a more refined texture however when you try to soak them overnight you won’t get a good result in the morning.

If you like to soak oats with milk then these are some of the commonly used milk for soaking oats.

FAQ: Can I Use Instant Oatmeal For Overnight Oats

Many of them are confused about which type of oats they should use to soak it overnight and that is why people ask a lot of questions we have tried to answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

Q1. Can You Use Any Oats For Overnight Oats?

Ans: You can use any oats for overnight oats but the best one is the old-fashioned oats also known as rolled oats

Q2. Can You Use Minute Oats For Overnight Oats?

Ans: The minute oats is a soft oat and they will become mussy when they are absorbed through milk or water.

Q3. What Is The Disadvantage of Eating Oats?

Ans: Consuming too many oats can cause gas and bloating.

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