Forever Sharp Knife Review : Complete Buying Guide

The Forever Sharp Classic Series Knives has already conquered the hearts of many people because it has all the tools that are required in just one set and they are of amazing quality. 

There are many benefits this kit offers, and you’ll see them right away in our depth review. The price is also under the budget, and it’s sold widely.

Well, if you are looking for a kitchen knife set, then It’s difficult to find each type of knife individually, and also it will cost you very expensive.

Also, you have spent extra money buying a knife sharpener and how long you’ll be sharpening them, as it’s quite a headache process.

As many peoples have taken an interest in the forever sharp knife, since it had been launched, and many of them ask me how is the knife. Is it worth buying? As there is no review on Amazon.

So, I have decided to make a detailed forever sharp knife review so that you clear all your doubts related to forever knives.

What’s In The Box? 

When you get the forever sharp knife set, the package will contain 12 knives, and they are 3 forever sharp knives, 1 Fillet knife, and 2 paring knives, additionally you get 2 Gourmet juicers and 4 steak knives.

What all you need if you get all types of knives in just one set. Also, you get a Gourmet juicer, which means you can straightforwardly extract fresh fruits for drinks and cocktails.

All the knives come with black plastic handles, and they are quite comfortable to use, as I tested all the forever sharp razors just a couple of weeks back.

Built Quality 

It’s important that the knives you are picking up are durable and long-lasting, also they weigh less. A few elements like the handle & the blade design will convince you that the forever sharp knife is the one for you.

The knife has a moderate build quality and can handle everyday usage. The blades are moderately strong and best for everyday usage.

It’s not made for professional use, but we can use it in all types of kitchens. The forever knife comes with an ergonomic handle and they are powerful enough.

The blades are made from high carbon steel, and it’s a very sharp knife also the bales remain sharp forever, and you don’t have to sharpen your blades most of the time.

Seeing the reputation of the company that is making the bales, you can assure that you are going to receive a good quality product.


Regarding the design of the blade, it’s engineered to combine and deliver the best. It has a unique and proprietary design that makes the knife liked by a lot of people.

It has two main attractions, the bales are of surgical quality, and that is made from high-class stainless that can last for a longer time without suffering from rust and corrosion.

Not only that, but it also has serrated blades that easily cut vegetables like tomatoes. The serrated blades are one of the best types of blades for cutting tomatoes.

Also, the best part about serrated knives is you don’t have to sharpen them most of the time.

As I have mentioned earlier that it’s made from surgical steel, which means the blades are pretty thin and flexible. So you have to be careful while cutting hard objects.

Also, you have to be careful while washing your blades because if you are not careful they might break. In addition, it’s recommended to handwash the blades instead of washing them in a dishwasher.

The forever sharp steak knives have very good handles that are very comfortable to use for long stretches of time. The handles are made from hard plastic, and it has a handgrip for comfortable usage.

The blades are slightly heavy, and the entire box weighs around 1.76 pounds, but I think the weight won’t be an issue when you are cutting with the blades.

What Does Forever Sharp mean? 

The name of the blades suggests the blades are going to remain sharp forever, and you don’t have to sharpen their lifetime.

The company claims that there is no cutting edge this simply means you don’t have to sharpen the blade’s lifetime and don’t have to worry about sharpening and wasting time.

I really love knives with no cutting edge and self-sharpening knives, as it’s quite boring as kitchen blades get dull sooner, and it’s really a headache.

Most of the kitchen knives need to be resharpened over time as a part of maintenance, even though you are cutting soft objects you still have to sharpen them.

However, in this case, the blades have a serrated edge, so nothing to panic about. Also, the blade’s edges have very few wedges. Therefore, they are so effective during cutting vegetables.

The only down set is the serrated blades are tough to sharpen, and you have to know the right techniques or else you would damage the blade. However, the company claims you don’t have to sharpen.

Therefore, we highly recommend getting the forever sharp surgical stainless-steel knife because there are a lot of benefits.


The best thing about the blades is they have serrated edges or tooth-like edges for effective cutting even on the hard exterior and the soft interior.

The fundamental principle behind serrated blades is like that of a saw, and the teeth of the blades can cut vegetables by smoothly sliding them.

It can make a cleaner cut through the juicy flesh of a ripe tomato without even crushing it. Also, cutting a piece of bread with a serrated knife is much easier with a serrated bale than with a normal knife.


Well, if you do a lot of cooking, and you’re going to use knives a lot, then it’s worth spending some extra bucks on the best knife for you.

As you know not, many knives are not good, and it’s quite tough to get a knife that remains sharp forever.

The forever sharp knife, it’s well constructed, and it will be worth the money you are going to pay.

Sometimes, spending some extra to upgrade to a finer knife is ok, because it’s going to last longer and obviously better than the previous one.

Speaking about the tools, you get many types of knives with this knife set with additional accessories beyond the juicing tool.

The extremely sharp knife set might cost roughly around $79 however you can get more discounts during the sale.


Nobody likes a dull knife, and also they are worthless. A kitchen knife must be sharp enough also it must stay sharp for a longer time.

One of the major indications to check the quality of the knife is to check its sharpness level, and how often you have to tune up.

You can check the sharpness of the blade by cutting a piece of paper, and this is the right way to check the sharpness.

When we take about the forever sharp blades, they are extremely sharp and can easily cut any type of vegetable from hard to soft ones.

Also, it has surgical blades, and you know how sharp are surgical blades. With no doubt in it. You can check out the extremely sharp knife and don’t have to worry about the sharpness.

Forever Sharp Knife Pros And Cons

As you know, all types of knives have pros and cons, and these are a few of them:


  • Value for the money
  • Comes with 12 knives
  • Ergonomic design and easy handling
  • The knife remains sharp forever
  • Surgical steel knives and doesn’t corrode
  • Knives are best for cutting vegetables
  • Comes with an additional juicer tool
  • Full stainless construction


  • The blades might break if wrongly used
  • There is no bread knife
  • Sharpness might go after long usage

Warranty Period 

The manufacturers have not really mentioned the warranty period of the knife, however, if it gets damaged or dull soon you can send the warranty slip to the manufacturers and get it replaced.

Also, if you are receiving the wrong product, you can get your money back and this is an enormous boost for the value of your money.

Specifically, the warranty has not been mentioned as it’s not applicable for the long term, even so, it’s good for what you are getting.

Summary: Forever Sharp Knife Review

There are plenty of great things to say about the knife set, starting with the design and the construction that puts it above many other types of blades in a similar range.

The blade has amazing quality, and you’ll love it. Also, the knife set comes with a lot of other knives, and it’s affordable.

While the down set is they don’t remain sharp for a lifetime, you might have to check out a self-sharpening knife. 

This knife is recommended for beginners and not for professionals. For professionals, we recommended the best-serrated knife guide, where you can find top-quality blades.

However, for the money, you are paying and the value you’re getting it is just worth the money. Now we are looking for you to check out. 

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