how to core an apple? Complete Guide 2024

Knives are one of the most important pieces of the tool in the kitchen and you can perform any kind of task using a kitchen knife from cutting, slicing, and coring fruits.

Kitchen knives are one of the most versatile tools out there. There are many different types of kitchen knives and every knife is made for a specific purpose. 

For coring an apple it’s generally recommended to use an apple corer. However, if you do not have that you can core an apple with a kitchen knife. 

Instead of going for an apple corer, you can always use a kitchen knife for performing such things. Whether you can bake apples or slice apples for snacks, removing the core of the apple is always tough. 

That is why I have prepared a complete step-by-step guide on how to core an apple with a knife without cutting. Below I have provided the best coring technique by using a kitchen knife.

Let’s get started!!

How To Core An Apple With a Knife Without Cutting

Coring an apple is quite easy; you need to follow the step-by-step process. Make sure that you also follow the safety rules while coring the apple

Step 1: Set The Apple On Cutting Board 

  • The first step is to set the cutting board. Keep the cutting board on a stable surface. Make sure that the cutting board doesn’t slide around while coring the apple. 
  • Since you are going to use a sharp knife, it can easily slip and nick your finger so make sure that you are careful enough. 

Step 2: Poke The Tip & Push Blade  

  • Hole the apple steady and push the kitchen knife / Paring knife away from its stem. Cut any closer to the stem and puncture the core. 
  • Now hold the knife and push the blade straight down so the blade reaches the end of the core. 
  • Coring is easier when you are using a long knife such as the paring knife. When you are using a long knife you can remove the entire core in a single go.  

Step3: Cut Round Around The Core

  • Now hold the knife steady and carefully cut the core in a circle and slice till the end of the core. 
  • If you are facing difficulties removing the core you can make more incisions. Once you cut the core, the core will be separated from the apple. 

Step 4: Remove The Blade 

  • Now finally you can raise the knife slowly and set the knife aside. Now the core is out through the bottom of the apple. 
  • If the core is stuck you can push or pull the core with your thumb. 
  • If you see any remaining seeds inside the apple then you can remove the speed using your knife. 

What Are The Best Apple Corer

Coring an apple with a paring knife is quite an easy process and you can easily core an apple by following the above-mentioned steps.

However, If you are looking to get an apple corer then I have listed some of the best apple corers and they are some of the best apple corers out there in the market.


For coring apples, you can use any type of kitchen tool such as a knife or a straight vegetable peeler and it can do your job.

You just simply need to follow the steps that we have mentioned above, even if you are using a vegetable peeler

Now that you know how to core an apple, you can also learn how to bake apples with butter. The pleasure of the smell can make you hungry.

We hope that the information provided above would have helped you to core the apple without cutting the apple. If you have any questions related to the topic, please leave a message in the comment section below.

FAQ: How To Core An Apple Without a Corer

There are a lot of questions that are asked by people and I have taken a few of the commonly asked questions and provided the best answer.

Q1. Do You Need To Peel Apple Before Coring?

Ans: No, you don’t have to peel the apple before coring because your hand will become sticky. You can peel the apple once you core the apple.

Q2. Should You Throw The Apple Core?

Ans: Well, the apple core can be dangerous as hungry animals can eat the core. The food items that are thrown can attract animals on the side of the road.

Q3. Can We Core An Apple With a Peeler?

Ans: You can have a straight peeler then you can easily core an apple using the peeler

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