How To Cut a Dragon Fruit And Eat It? Complete Guide

Dragon fruits are one type of the most beautiful fruits of all. It has bright skin, and it tastes slightly sweet like kiwi flesh. Dragon fruit is a part of the cactus family and is rich in fiber and vitamins.

It’s a tropical fruit, and it has become increasingly popular in recent days after knowing that there are a lot of health benefits.

They are rich in antioxidants and have low calories, it’s a perfect fruit for your morning routine. You can include it in your regular diet for maintaining your blood pressure and heart health.

Also, the seed is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that are essential for your body.

The article takes a look at dragon fruit and also a complete guide on how to cut a dragon fruit and eat it

What Is a Dragon Fruit?

Dragon fruit is commonly known as the pitaya or the strawberry pear. It’s one of the most beautiful tropical fruit and tastes sweet and crunch.

The fruit comes from a type of cactus plant of the genus Hylocereus, and it includes 20 different species. The pant was originally found in Southeast Asia and Latin America.

The fruit is grown and enjoyed all over the world. There are many varieties of dragon fruit with different colors, but the most common ones are pinkish-red skin and white edible parts.

It’s mostly eaten with fruit salads, desserts, and drinks. It’s a wonderfully healthy and tasty drink.

What Does Dragon Fruit Look Like?

Dragon fruit is the most beautiful and dangerous-looking fruit, and it has an appealing look. It comes in four varieties, red flesh, pink flesh, yellow, and white with pink flesh.

It has thick petal-like protrusions in the fruit and also the inside color of the fruit is very vibrant and beautiful, especially with the red flesh one.

Also, the black seeds inside are edible, like kiwi and strawberry sweets. The Tropical fruit is grown in a cactus plant and is available all around the world.

How To Prepare Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruits are simple to eat because you have to just cut them into quarters or half. Also, the skin is easy to peel by hand. You don’t need any kind of washing or extra steps.

Just follow the simple steps:

Cutting Board

It’s a juicy fruit, so make sure you use a cutting board so that you don’t mess around! Take a cutting board that is big enough so that the dragon fruit fits into it.

Well, you need a cutting board that is twice as big as the dragon fruit.

Make sure you use a clean and disinfect cutting board.

Knives & Other Tools 

Now you might think what type of knife should I use for cutting the dragon fruit? Well, you can simply use a chef’s knife with long blades around 8 to 9 inches so that it reaches from one side to the other side.

Dragon fruits have thick and leathery skin, so make sure your blade is enough sharp, so you don’t face any difficulties while cutting.

The edible white portion is quite soft, so the knife will just pass through in seconds.

How To Cut a Dragon Fruit : (Detail Guide) 

Now you have got all the tools that are required while cutting your dragon fruit.


Set up your clean cutting board by placing the fruit on the cutting board.


How To Cut a Dragon Fruit And Eat It? Complete Guide

You have got your dragon fruit placed in the right position. Now hold the dragon fruit and slice the fruit from the top, connecting it to the steam.

Hold your blade and don’t have to apply much force, as the knife will penetrate just with a small amount of force. You don’t have to cut much, just about 1/4 inch will be fine.

Slice the fruit from the top to the bottom in just one cut. The inside edible part of the dragon fruit is pretty soft, so it cuts it in a single go.


Now take a spoon and gently slide the spoon between the pink layer of the skin and the edible portion and lift the spoon.

Now, the step completely depends on how you enjoy eating your dragon fruit. Whether you like eating slices or cubes, you can cut according to your choice.

Take a spoon and gently slide the spoon between the pink layer of the skin and the edible portion and lift the spoon.

Note: There is another variety of dragon fruit that has red instead of white edible parts. Both of them are safe to eat, but the red one is not common as the white variety.

Chopping Into Cubes 

If you are someone who enjoys eating cube dragon fruit, then follow this step. Place the two halves of the dragon fruit and remove the white edible portion as I have told you above.

The black seeds that are present in the dragon fruit are edible, you don’t have to remove them. All you have to just chop into cubes after removing the outer cover.


Now you can start eating and enjoy your dragon fruit!!!!

What does a Dragon Fruit Taste Like? 

The dragon fruit is one of the weirdest fruits of all time because of its appearance and also the actual flesh of the fruit.

Dragon fruits have slightly sweet flavors and remain in between watermelon and pears. The flavor of the dragon fruit differs when it is ripe and when it’s unripe, and picking up a full-grown dragon fruit is difficult.

Usually, dragon fruit does not have a defined taste when it’s unripe; I have tasted it a couple of times, and it tastes like nothing.

When the fruit gets fully matured, it tastes slightly sweet and has a syrup taste, while the unripe one might be slightly sower.

Dragon fruit is a unique type of fruit, and it’s not so easy to tell the real taste of it because it differs from person to person.

How To Tell If a Dragon Fruit Is Ripe

Dragons fruits are readily available in most groceries, but you can easily find them in any Chinatown across the country.

The inside of the dragon fruit does not change its color even though it gets ripe. Once the fruit gets ripe, it slightly changes the color of the skin, the wings turn yellow and the edge of the edge starts getting brown color.

When the fruit gets overripe, it changes its color and starts developing dark spots.

When it’s completely ripe, you can keep the fruit in the refrigerator or even at room temperature.

As I have said earlier that it’s difficult to pick up the fruit and also the farmers harvest it quite early.

Is Dragon Fruit Nutritious?

There are many potential health benefits of dragon fruits

  • It’s rich in antioxidants like phenolic acid, and betacyanin which are very beneficial for your health. It helps in protecting the cells from getting damaged.
  • Dragon fruit is a natural fat and contains high fiber. It helps in keeping you energized for a longer time.
  •  It can help in lowering your blood sugar level. You can consume dragon fruit daily in your breakfast for effective results.  
  • Dragon fruit can help in boosting the iron level in the body. Also, it’s rich in vitamin C which can help to take the use of iron.  
  • In addition, it can strengthen your immune system as it’s rich in antioxidants which are good for your immune system.

There are many other health benefits like it contains prebiotics that can help in balancing the good and bad bacteria in your intestine.

FAQ: How To Cut Dragon Fruit 

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions that peoples most want to know about. You can read this section to clear your other doubts.

1. What’s the difference between red dragon fruit and white dragon fruit?

The major difference between the red and white dragon fruit is the color and the sugar difference. The red dragon fruit has fructose above 15 degrees, while the white has 10 degrees.

2. Can I eat the skin of dragon fruit?

Yes, you can eat the skin of dragon fruit, although I have never tried to eat the skin of dragon fruit. There is no problem eating the skin. You can eat the skin by washing it properly, and it has a huge nutritional value that is good for your skin

3. Is dragon fruit good for weight loss?

Dragon fruit is highly recommended for weight loss as it has a lot of nutritional benefits that are good for weight loss

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