How To Wrap a Knife Handle With Leather Cord ? Step-By-Step Guide

How To Wrap a Knife Handle With Leather Cord ? Step-By-Step Guide

Wrapping your knife with leather or para-cord is an excellent way to gain more grip on your handles. Also, it protects the handles from getting damaged.

There are many types and designs of knife handle available in the maker. However, one of the most common materials used is wood.

Wood is widely used for making knife handles because it feels good to hold, and wood is relatively cheap and is abundantly available.

Wood is the best material for making knife handles, but it gets damaged sooner. Also, it becomes slippery after long usage.

Wrapping your knife handles with a leather cord can give you some extra comfort and also makes your handle-less slippery, which adds a significant advantage, especially during hunting.

That is why leather and paracord wraps are used especially with hunting knives for a better experience.

There are many benefits of wrapping a knife with a leather cord, but do you know how to wrap a knife handle in leather?

So, I have prepared this article, and you can read the complete guide about it.

I have wrapped a lot of knives, and the process is quite simple. You just need to have the right variety of leather, or else you won’t go right.

How To Wrap a Knife Handle With Leather

Leather is a durable material, and it has elastic properly in it. Leather can give your knife a premium look, also it can help in protecting the handle.

With a leather wrap, you can create beautiful patterns and interesting designs.

The leather can help to keep the handle in its form, and you don’t have to worry about applying any kind of knife oil.

Wooden knife handles require a lot of maintenance, but if you have wrapped your handle with a leather cord, there is always less maintenance.

Now you can follow this step-by-step process to wrap your knife handle.

Tools Required

Step 1: Prepare The Leather 

The first step is, to measure your knife handles before you start cutting the leather. Make sure you have a leather cutting knife for preparing the leather.

Once you measure the knife handles, you will require a leather string of at least five times longer than the handle length.

A leather strip of width 9.52 mm is best for wrapping all types of knife handles.

Now soak the leather in the water to make the leather soft enough so that it’s easy to work with.

Make sure that you leave the leather strip in the water for about half an hour.

Well, you might think the leather will get damped. But don’t worry, this process is important for making the leather soft.

Once you complete your wrapping, the leather will shrink and tighten on the handle once it dries out.

Step 2: Makes a Loop 

Once the leather gets soft enough, make a knot and tighten its wrapping around the knife handle. It’s essential to make a proper knot because it’s the base of the knife handle.

Now place your thumb on the lacing of the leather at the base of the edge of the handle. This will help to keep the leather string in place.

Wave the lacing under the last rotation, and you can have to repeat the process until the knot reaches the bottom side of the handle.

Step 3: Cut The Extra Leather 

If you find extra leather left in the tail, you can cut it down. You can also make a loop around, as this can be helpful later.

You can also use a lighter to burn the edge until the edge melts.

Alternatively, you can tape the string using electrical tape. But make sure the loop is tight enough to avoid movement in the wrap.

Step 4: Start Wrapping 

Once you tighten the string and the knot, you can start wrapping the leather in the handle. Now start wrapping the lacking on the knife handle.

Make a tight wrap and move down until you cover all the way to below the handle. Ensure that you make tight wraps so that you get a tight grip.

This will give the handle a significant and clean look.

Step 5: Tie The Knot At The Bottom

Once you tie the leather to the bottom of the knife, tie a knot and wrap the leather lacing. Makes multiple knots to the bottom until a small part is left.

The knot will help to prevent the leather wrap from coming off, and it will hold the loop tightly to place.

Step 6: Let The Leather Dry

As you have completed the leather wrap when it was wet.

So now you have to dry it properly. When the leather will dry, it will shrink and become tighten the grip and make the wrap even stronger.

Once the leather gets dry, you can freely use the knife. Note that at the start you might feel uncomfortable to use.

Benefits Of Wrapping a Knife Handle

The handle is also equally important as the blade, and it deserves equal attention. A defective handle can be dangerous to use because you might slip and cut your fingers.

A good knife handle makes a lot of difference while cutting, it gives a comfortable handling and a better cutting experience.

Oiling your knife handles can help in protecting the handles. However, if you require less maintenance, the best alternative is to leather wrap a knife.

Leather is a great material, and it not only gives comfortable handling but also protects the handle.

There are many benefits of using leather, and some of them are.

  • You can customize your handles accordingly.
  • There is less maintenance once you wrap it with a leather handle wrap.
  • It protects the wood from moisture absorption.
  • Provides more grip and a better cutting experience.
  • The knife looks more premium and stylish

There are many varieties of leather, and you can customize them accordingly. Nevertheless, but is one of the best materials for wrapping knife handles.

Some of the most common leather used for wrapping knife handles are sheepskin leather, cow skin, etc. The choice usually depends upon the user’s preference.

Why Is It Important To Leather Wrap A Knife Handle? 

There are many reasons behind wrapping a knife handle. Besides protecting the knife handle, it also helps in providing a firm grip.

Wrapping a knife with leather can give the knife a premium look, and also it increases its value.

Some of them like to customize their knife, but some of them dislike doing this. However, this is a personal choice.

Most of them think that wrapping knife handles with leather gives a feel of prestige.

I’m sure you will feel comfortable using a leather wrap knife, no matter if you are using it for hunting or another purpose. The knife will feel more secure in your hands.

If you are still in doubt, you can watch this video.

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