What Are The Best kitchen knife storage ideas? 7 Amazing Ways

Knives are one of the most important tools in your kitchen however, they can be dangerous if you don’t store them in a safe place.

Also, just leaving the knives in a kitchen drawer can dull the knife by rubbing against each other. Most of the knives are just left behind without proper care.

It’s important to have the best knife set in your kitchen because a good knife can give a better cutting experience and also last longer.

Having a quality knife can not only help in preparing good food but also give a more enjoyable experience while cutting and chopping vegetables.

But if you want your knives to last longer, you need to have a place where you can safely store your kitchen knife.

I know it’s important to understand how to store a kitchen knife. That’s why I have written this amazing article to let you understand all the best kitchen knife storage ideas.

There are basically 7 different ways in which you can store your kitchen knife. However, the storage method using a knife block and the magnetic knife strip is the most common one.

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Why Should Knives Be Stored? 

There are many types of knives available in the market and most of them are expensive ones and nobody wants to replace their knife every year.

So the best way to keep a knife safe is to use a knife storage box so you can keep your blades safe. Also, without proper knife storage, you might lose your knife.

As this has happened a couple of times with me so the best way to organize your knife is by using a knife storage method.

There are also many reasons behind storing a kitchen knife and the primary reason behind storing is to protect the knife from dust and moisture.

But how can you do that? As simple, you just have to read this article till the end to get a complete understanding.

7 Best Kitchen Knife Storage Ideas

To display your knife, you need proper knife storage and it just not helps in displaying the knife but also protects the blade. These are the 7 different ways in which you can store your kitchen knife.

#1. Kitchen Knife Block 

One of the most common ways to store a knife is by using a kitchen knife block because it’s one of the safest ways to store a knife.

The storage device can hold multiple knives, and it’s pretty convenient to display all your kitchen knives in just a single place. Also, it can save a lot of counter space, and it’s easy to use.

The best part about the knife block is it has a sharpening material inside and when you remove the blade, the sharpening stone inside the knife block automatically sharpens the blade.

Knife blocks are available in many different designs like the countertop and the diagonal-shaped knife block.

If you want your knife collection to look more elegant and cleaner, you can choose a knife block that has slots at the top instead.

#2. Magnetic Knife Strip 

You can also store your knife by using a magnetic knife strip and they are also one of the most common ways of storing a kitchen knife.

Magnetic knife strip is very popular because they usually cost less, and also It’s convenient to store and access knives from a knife strip. If you have little space it’s is one of the best ways.

Unlike, you get a clear view of your knife collection. A magnetic knife strip enables you to see each and every knife that you have, so you don’t have to search for them.

One of the most important points you have to consider before buying a knife strip is you have to check the quality of the magnet.

Usually, a magnetic knife strip has a neodymium magnet hidden underneath that holds the magnet, but the magnet must be strong enough so that it can hold the blades.

But are magnetic knife holders bad for knives? Well, there are many pros of cons of using a magnetic knife strip which you can check out in my other post.

#3. Magnetic Knife Block 

There are many knife display ideas but the best way to display your knife collection is by using a magnetic knife block.

The universal knife block can safely store knives with a blade size of about 8.6 inches which is convenient for all types of knives.

The kitchen knife holder has a neodymium magnet hidden underneath that securely holds the knives. Also, the knife blocks are easy for cleaning and there is no potential injury.

Unlike a magnetic knife strip, a knife display stand doesn’t need any screws and there is no point in damaging your kitchen wall.

Also, it can hold more knives, and there is less risk. Magnetic knife strips are mostly available in two different materials, wood and bamboo and you can use any of them.

It’s suitable for all types of common household knives like a steak knife, bread knife, chef knife, fish knife, and all other types of knives.

#4. Knife Roll Bag

Knife rolls are amazing ways to store your kitchen knife because you can use a custom knife roll and bundle it up and travel with your knives.

Knife rolls are great for storing the knife because it’s one of the safest ways of storing a knife. It protects the knife also it doesn’t hurt. I’m really a fan of knife roll bags.

Each component of a knife roll is designed with safety in the mind. The thick canvas and the premium rivets ensure durability and maximum safety while traveling.

One of the best features of a knife roll is you can store all sizes of the knife from a hunting knife to a kitchen knife. Also, it’s easy to access the knife.

It can easily hold about 15 knives, and it would be perfect for your kitchen knife set. When you roll it looks like a bag and you can travel with it.

Knife rolls are not made to be used in the kitchen. You can either oil your blade and store it or else it can be used for carrying your blades. So before getting a roll to know your purpose.

#5. kitchen knife organizer

In-Drawer knife cases are mostly used when you have similar varieties of knives. We cannot use it for storing big boning knives because it wouldn’t fit into them.

It would easily fit 99% of the standard kitchen drawers. You can mount all your knives in the knives organizer and store them in a kitchen drawer.

In-drawer knife blocks are not made for display, but it’s one of the best kitchen knife storage solutions.

The best part is it has a sharpener fitted into it and every time you remove or insert the blade automatically gets sharpened. This is called a self-sharpening knife block.

This means once you use the knife holder you don’t have to worry about sharpening your blade anymore and your blade will never get dull.

I really like the way of storing the knife because it not only protects the blade but also sharpens the blades and you can easily store about 16 different knives.

#6. Under Cabinet Knife Storage 

Under-cabinet knife storage is great for storing a kitchen knife. It’s one of the most expensive ways of storing all varieties of kitchen knives.

Well, if you have children in your house the under cabinet is the safest method. All your knives will stay far from children’s hands and It perfectly hides your blade.

Also, you don’t have to worry about dull knives as it has a hinge that holds all your blades safely and separates the blade from touching each other.

When you start using the under-cabinet storage, there is no point in hunting for the knife that you want to use because it’s easily accessible and all your blades are visible once you open it.

It also has a heavy-duty hinge that can stand up to everyday usage. Also, it has a good quality magnet that is hidden underneath for holding your blades.

This method is expensive, but it’s one of the safest ways of storing your knife. Also, it will not consume any extra space. Isn’t it Great?

#7. Knife Storage Box

The final method of storing your knife is by using a knife storage box, and you can safely store all your kitchen knife collection in a knife storage box.

It has a lock underneath that helps to keep your knife collection safe and it can easily hold knives up to 16 inches long.

It can hold steak knives of all the major brands and it can organize up to 24 steak knives. The kitchen knife holder is divided and in each slot, you can keep one blade.

The only down set of using a knife collection box is it cannot fit large knives like fillet knives or meat cleavers.

Overall, the knife storage box is a great way of storing small kitchen knives, and if you have a collection of small knives you can check it out.

Wrap Up On kitchen knife storage ideas

It’s important to buy knife storage or knife holders so that you can store your knives safely.

Storing your blade properly not only helps in maintaining the blade but allows your blade to last longer and hold the sharpness of the blade.

The thumb rule of storing a knife is your blade should not rub against each other or the storage unit.

Also, your blade must not rest on the tip of the blade, or else you may lose the edge over time and you have to fix your knife tip.

I hope the guide on the best kitchen knife storage idea would have helped you out in finding the right way to store your kitchen knife.

You can choose any of the methods according to your blade and the way you want to display your knives. All the above ways are the best way to store knives.

If you want to carry your knives most of the time, you should go with the knife storage bag. However, if you want to display your knife collection, I recommended the magnetic knife block.

FAQ: DIY Knife Storage Ideas

It’s important to store your knife safely or else It won’t last long knives are expensive and you don’t want to change them frequently.

Most of them ask various questions related to knife storage because there are many ways to store knives that’s why I have answered a few of them.

That’s why I have added some of the commonly asked questions in an article and given an appropriate answers to them.

1. What Are Three Recommendations For Storing Knives?

If you want to display your knife collection the best one is to use a magnetic knife block because it would give an amazing and aesthetic look to your collection.
However, if you are looking for the safest ways to store a knife then the under-cabinet knife storage, knife roll, and knife block is the best way to store kitchen knives.

2. What do chefs use to store knives

A chef needed to quickly access the knife and most the chef prefer using a knife block, or magnetic knife strip for storing the knife. Above mentioned are some of the easiest methods to store a knife because the blades are visible and we can easily access it.

3. Are Knife Blocks Sanitary?

According to the National Sanitation Foundation, knife blocks aren’t safe if you are not cleaning them properly. It makes sense most of them forget to clean the knife block yeast and mold develops in the knife block. Dust and debris get accumulated in the corners like a countertop.

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