7 Best Pocket Knife Storage Ideas: Review & Buying Guide 2023

Best Pocket Knife Storage Ideas

If you are someone who has a pocket knife collection, then probably you’ll require proper knife storage solutions so that you can keep all your pocket knives safely.

Knife storage has been a significant problem for me and because of improper knife organization I lost a lot of knives and many of them were expensive ones.

Knives are valuable and they hold a sentimental value so it makes sense to store and keep them sharp, and corrosion-free for a longer time.

Pockets Knives are small and to store your pocket knives properly, you will require proper pocket knife storage ideas so that you can keep them safe in a knife collection box.

Also, knives suffer from corrosion and if you don’t store them properly and keep your blades in moisture, your blades will surely get damaged.

Pocket knives are really expensive, and nobody wants to happen so with their pocket knife collection.

So you need a proper pocket knife storage case where you can keep your blades properly, away from moisture and direct sunlight so that it can keep them safe.

Hence, when I research the Internet about the different knife collection displays, I could not find any information, so I decided to make a complete about the different knife collection storage ideas. 

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Why Should You Store a Pocket Knife? 

There are many peoples around the world who like collecting knives and someone who has a vast collection of knives and they will have to store their knife collection.

I don’t recommend investing in a pocket knife unless you have proper storage. Pocket knives are expensive and it’s smart to put them in a knife collecting bag.

Without a proper bag, you will lose your knives as this has happened a couple of times with me.

There are many reasons behind storing a knife and one of the primary reasons behind storing is to protect the knife from dust and moisture.

Dust and moisture can damage any type of blade and you have to protect your blades from getting rusting by following certain techniques.

Also, the primary reason behind choosing a knife storage case is, that it gives an aesthetic look to your collections. In addition, it ensures your blade remains sharp and corrosion-free for a longer time.

Buying Guide For EDC Knife Storage

Sometimes finding out the best pocket knife storage can be challenging there are many different types of storage methods used for storing a knife. Also, there are a few factors that you have to look at before getting a knife storage.

  • Protection: This is obviously one of the main reasons why you are buying a knife case. The pocket knife that doesn’t protect your knife isn’t worth investing in.
  • Durability: When you are spending money on knife storage you must make sure that it’s durable enough and not replace the case. Get something that is built strong and can store a good amount of knives.
  • Convenient: This factor total depends upon your choice, whether you are looking for a hard case or a small collection bag. However, If you looking for some things that you can travel with then a knife roll is always recommended.

Pocket Knife Storage Ideas: 7 Amazing Ways To Store

Finding the right storage technique is confusing, as there are many types of ways in which you can store your pocket knives.

Some of them like keeping it in a storage box while some of them like storing it in a collection knife cabinet to showcase their knife collections.

But if you are not experienced with the different ways to store a knife, it’s going to be hard for you. But if you follow this guide properly, you would not face any problems.

Here are some of the best ways to store knife collections.

1. Using a Knife Collecting Bag 

Knife bags are one of the best ways of storing a pocket knife, especially for someone who is carrying the knives most of the time.

Some brands like Spyderco make great quality knife bags, and they are strong and long-lasting. Also, they are available in many sizes so that they can hold several pocket knives. 

The Spyderco makes heavy denier polyester bags that protect and tries to fold over the seals of your knives so that moisture cannot enter and damage the pocket knife.

Not only you can use the knife bag for storing your knives, but it includes two durable steel D ring that helps in making a pocket knife display case that lets you hang the bag on the wall.

The pocket knife case can hold about 30 different pocket knives, even the larger folding knives. Each pocket has a dimension of about 4-1/2″ X 2-1/2″ (114 mm X 63.5 mm) which is big enough. 

In addition, each pocket has a clear front with clear plastic that lets you view the knives tucked inside.

Overall, the pocket knife bag is great for traveling and showcasing, and it’s one of the best knife bags. Now we are waiting for you to check out.

2. Pocket Knife Storage Roll 

The second-best way to store a knife is by using a pocket knife roll, and they are just amazing for storing a pocket knife. 

It’s convenient to store the knives using a custom knife roll because you can roll, bundle up, and travel with your pocket knife collections. Also, it saves a lot of space and effectively keeps your blades.

United are one of the leading manufacturers of knife rolls, and they make one of the best quality rolls. The roll is crafted with high-quality material for the best look and longer life.

It can approximately store about 50 to 60 pocket knives, which is great for all types of knife collections.

It has a PVC construction with a red interior that looks great with your knife collections. Also, I really like the material used inside the roll, as it gives a premium look to your knives.

The outside of the knife-carrying case is made from high-quality leather to give a premium look and also protect the knives from water damage.

3. Knife Collection Display

The wall knife display case is one of the best knife holders to showcase your pocket knife collection.

For those who love to leave their knife collection at the home and don’t use them most of the time, perhaps the knife display is the best for you.

There are many varieties of knife cases, but the knife wall display is just amazing the case that I have to list is a high-quality case, and it provides extra durability for long-lasting.

The frame is made from solid wood, and it has clear glass for great exposure. The glass prevents dust and moisture from entering the case and damaging the knives.

Once you place your blades, it will press the knives between the glass and the foam and helps to stick the knives in the position.

The best part about wall displays is you can lock bad to keep them out of a child’s hands. In addition, you can mount the knife storage case in your room to give a sympathetic look to the room.

4. Pocket Knife Drawer Organizer

A knife storage cabinet is one of the safest ways to store your pocket knives because you can lock your case, and you can store a complete knife collection in it.

Usually, the storage cabinets are large for storing all types of knives and it has glass on the top so that you can see your knife collection. The cabinets are just an amazing way to store your pocket knives.

The knife cabinet has about 4 medium size drawers and 2 large size drawers to store all your blades and faces no storage issues.

The knife collection box is made from a block of high-quality wood and it’s highly durable. Also, the inside material is made from premium materials which gives your collections an impressive look.

You can typically find many types of storage cabinet, and all of them has a unique design. You can choose the best one according to your choices.

5. Using a Magnetic Knife Strip 

A magnetic knife strip is another popular and cheap way to store your pocket knives. The drawer and the bags are good for protecting your knives, but they are not a quick way to access and store knives.

People who use their knives regularly mostly used magnetic strips because it’s convenient to use. However, they are less common among knife collectors and are mostly used for holding kitchen knives.

A magnetic stripe is a long rectangular strip of magnet that holds the blade, but it’s not an effective way of storing the blades because, in the long term, your bales will suffer from corrosion.

Also, it doesn’t give a premium look to your knife collection and one major issue is the strip is mostly on the smaller size, and for those who have a large knife collection, it would be tough.

I’m not really a fan of the magnetic strips because it’s not suitable to hold a knife collection.

Magnetic strips do have some advantages though. You can display them pretty nicely and have easy access to them. If you EDC a different knife every day, this could be more convenient.

6. Knife Collection Storage Case 

The knife display case is similar to a knife bag, but it doesn’t roll up. It’s more like a briefcase where you can store all your knife collections.

This is a pretty popular way of storing knives because it can store and display the knives at the same time.

A lot of knife collectors use knife display cases because they are valued for money, and also protect the knives.

The pocket knife holder that I have recommended is highly durable and waterproof at the same time. It can hold about 16 different types of pocket knives which are about 5 inches long.

It has sufficient capacity to meet the storage of various knives. Also, the internal structure is clearly visible and all the knives are stored with a high-quality elastic strap so that it doesn’t fall.

In addition, it has a high-quality zipper for comfortable handling and transport. It’s easy to handle and you can carry your knives and go.

7. Using a Plastic Drawer

Another way to store a pocket knife is to use a stackable plastic drawer and this is one is the cheapest and easiest ways of storing a pocket knife.

When you are using a stackable drawer you can easily access and store your knives. Also, you can easily get a plastic drawer from any online or even through an offline store.

However, the only downset of this method is you are not able to organize the pocket knife might collide with others if not stored properly.

Wrap Up On Best Pocket Knife Storage Ideas

So whether you have an expensive pocket or a cheap one it’s important to store any type of knife to protect the blade.

Both require proper storage. Also, it gives a very good look to your knife collections so I mostly prefer using knife collecting boxes for my collection.

The demand for pocket knife storage is growing in recent days because most of them started collecting knives.

That’s why I made a detailed guide and spent over 6 hours finding out the best storage ideas for a pocket knife.

I hope the guide on the best pocket knife storage ideas would have helped you in finding the right techniques to store your pocket knife.

The above 6 methods are the best way to store knives however, if you have any other knife storage ideas, make sure you comment below.

FAQ: Knife Display Ideas

As you know that there are many ways to store a knife and it depends upon which type of blade you are using.

If you are a pocket knife collector, I’m sure this article would have helped you out in finding the right ways to store your collection.

Now you can read this section to clear your doubts about the best pocket knife storage ideas.

1. What are the most collectible pocket knives

some of the best pocket knives are manufactured by the top brands and some of them are CASE XX Jigged Blue, Case Cutlery 910096TN/E, and the American Flag Coin, Boker plus

2. Why Should Someone Carry a Pocket Knife?

Pocket knives can improve productivity because usually, pocket knives have all kinds of tools like a bottle opener, scissors, blades, and many other tools that are useful in your daily life.

3. Should I buy a Swiss Army knife or a Pocket knife?

It totally depends upon which type of knife you prefer. Both of the knives have different usage and if you are someone who requires more tools and accessories you should go with the swiss army knife.



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