Ultimate Guide On Which Cheese Knife To Use? Buying Guide

Ultimate Guide On Which Cheese Knife To Use ?

A cheese knife is a kitchen tool that is designed for cutting cheese in the kitchen. A cheese knife usually has a thin handle and a blade similar to a standard knife and blade.

However, the blades of a cheese knife are of different shapes and each blade serves a different purpose. There are many types of cheese knives and all of them serve different purposes.

Different cheese knives are used for different purposes and It’s Important to understand the use of each type of knife.

Well, if you are asking yourself. “What is a cheese knife?” and “Which cheese knife to use?” then you are at the right place as I’m answering this question.

Also, I’m giving some useful information and answering some FAQ questions for a better understanding.

You shouldn’t be confused with a cheese slicer and a cheese knife, though both of them serve the same purpose, they are different.

Also, the type of material used in making the blade is important, and stainless steel usually being one of the best choices.

This is because stainless steel makes it easy to slice the cheese off the blade.

Additionally, I have shared all these important properties that you should know before shopping for any cheese knife. This will help you in identifying the best one.

What Is a Cheese Knife? 

A cheese knife is a specialized tool used for cutting cheese into slices. You can tell by its name that the tool is used for cutting cheese.

Cheese knives usually come in a set of collection and different type of cheese requires different tool.

It has stainless steel construction and a thin handle so that you can glide through the cheese without getting stuck in between.

In addition, we can use a cheese tool for cutting eggs, cakes, and even butter. 

It’s better to cut with a cheese knife because a cheese knife has a unique design and the ability to prevent food from sticking to the blade.

So, you might have seen holes in a cheese knife, this is done to reduce the surface area.

Now you can understand all the different blades and their uses.

Which Cheese Knife To Use (Choose Your Favourite One)

Cheese knife is just amazing and they are available in an incredible number of varieties from pointed one to short one.

Suppose you have a soft cheese knife blade then it can be used for cutting cheese like Mozzarella.

So it depends on many factors like the type of cheese you are going to cut and the blade type. Otherwise, that won’t work effectively.

1. Soft Cheese Knife 

For people who prepare soft cheese like Mozzarella, Camembert, and ricotta, a soft cheese knife is a superb choice because it’s the right tool that can do your job.

It has a unique blade design and sharp edges that can easily penetrate the cheese.

So it has multiple holes to help minimize the surface area and prevent the cheese from sticking to the surface of the blade while cutting.

This type of knife usually gives a smooth cutting experience, and it’s perfect for everyday appetizers. It’s one of the best knives to cut cheese.

It has a raised handle design that allows it to directly cut on the board without touching the surface.

A soft cheese knife is designed to cut the cheese, and also it has forked tips that can help in slicing the cheese conveniently.

In addition, the blade of a soft cheese knife goes through a tempering process so that it can be reshaped over a lifetime.

2. Pronged Cheese Knife

The Pronged cheese cutter knife is a multi-purpose knife and if you are a cheese lover, I’m sure you’ll like this knife.

The knife is capable of doing all types of cutting from framing, aged cheddar, and even cutting soft cheese.

It’s made from thin stainless steel and it’s not strong enough to cut hard cheese, but you can cut cheese with moderate hardness.

It’s incredibly versatile and can be used for weeknight dinners and gatherings.

Also, the pronged tip helps penetrate the cheese and we can use it for serving the cheese.

3. Cheddar Cheese Knife

The Cheese Cleaver is one the heaviest and heftiest tools you get with a cheese knife. This tool is mostly designed for cutting hard cheese.

The Cheddar cheese knife is outstanding craftsmanship, and it’s made with cutting-edge technology. It has a stunning design that helps in cutting hard and semi-hard cheese.

Cheddar knives are also known as mini cleavers, and they are incredibly sharp.

The knife usually had a hard polished edge of about 16 to 18 degrees per side for maintaining a perfect balance while cutting.

It’s made from high-carbon steel, and it offers impressive control while cutting cheese.

The knife can be used for cutting cheese, vegetables, sliced beef, and garlic.

It’s perfect for slicing cheese into thin slices and serving them because of the long and wide rectangle blade.

So I suggest you get the knife if you are looking for a multi-purpose knife and we can use it for many types of work.

Great!!! So we are waiting for you to check out.

4. Flat Cheese Knife

They are also known as cheese chisels because it’s the perfect blade for shaving and chipping hard cheese like cheddar and Gouda cheese.

It’s a flat blade and has short handles that help you apply less force, and you can straightforwardly remove small slices of cheese.

Also, the vertical blade helps in pushing upwards and downward and cutting pieces easily. The knife is also pretty comfortable to use because it will fit in your palm perfectly.

The cheese knife has pointed sides that help to slice and spread soft and hard cheese.

You can also use the sharp edge to down the small pieces even further.

5. Double-Handed Knife 

A double-handled cheese knife is also known as a hard cheese knife and it can be used for cutting hard cheese precisely and safely.

The knife can be held by two persons or even by a single person with both hands.

It makes it easy to cut wheels of cheese by using your two-handed and by simply placing your hand on the other side allowing the pressure to make a clean cut.

Double-handed knives are perfect for cutting hard cheese, and giant blocks of cheese into manageable pieces so that you can easily use them.

For cutting hard cheese it’s much safer to cut with a double-handed knife because your hands stay on both sides of the handle and there is minimal chance of hurting your fingers.

It’s a safe way of cutting cheese and the best cheese knife. You can use it, and it will 100% satisfy your purchase.

6. Parmesan Knife

Parmesan knives are used for breaking hard and dry cheese chunks. It has pointed edges and sharp rinds opening to help in penetrating the hard cheese.

Usually, Parmesan knives come in two different styles the arrowhead-shaped blade and the bell cheese knife, and both of them are used for different purposes.

The knife has been originated in Italy, and they designed it for cutting even the hardest cheese.

You can explore the cheese and enjoy it using the knife with the beautiful, smart product for cheese.

It provides a professional solution for grating, cutting, and packing cheeses in a much safer and more Hygienic way without touching the cheese with bare hands.

It features a stainless blade, and durable plastic or wood handle for comfortable handling.

7. Cheese Spreader

From the name, you can tell that this tool is used for spreading cheese on a cracker or on a piece of bread.

Cheese spreaders are designed to be used regularly in your kitchen for spreading and slicing cheese and butter.

It has an ergonomic design with a curved handle to provide an extra amount of comfort to your hands.

It’s a perfect gift for anyone who loves to enjoy kitchen utensils, gadgets, and cheese tools.

Also, it can be grasped with both the left hand and right hand and sliced with medium-level cheese like Camembert, Mascarpone, and other spreadable cheese.

8. Gorgonzola Cheese Knife

The pronged cheese knife is like a cheese spreader, and we use the knife for spreading the creamy cheese, also it has a sharp blade that can be used for cutting cheese rinds.

Specially designed for cutting soft cheese and butter and even spreading the cheese on your bread.

The rounded tips help in dispersing the cheese on the surface of the bread, while we can use the sharp blade for cutting soft cheese.

It’s perfect for cutting cheese like Bleu cheese, Gorgonzola, and other types of soft cheese.

9. Slim Blade Knife

Usually, slim-blade knives are used for cutting soft cheese, and it has less surface area to prevent the cheese from sticking to the blade.

Slim blade knives are thinner that allow easy penetration for cheese like Brie and Camembert

Slicing and serving soft and medium cheese with a slim-blade knife can be easier than with other types of knives.

I really love slim blade knives because they are easy to handle and use. I think you must also get these blades.

Other common Tools 

Here are some of the similar tools that you might consider having if you really like cheese. These are probably some of the most commonly used tools that most people are familiar with.

Cheese Fork

The tool comprises two forked prongs, and it’s mostly used for picking up cheese blocks from a cheeseboard once they are cut into pieces.

We can use it for breaking parts and tougher blocks of cheese into smaller parts also called block cheeses.

Rind Cutter

We use a cheese-cutting tool for scoring the rind and slicing hard cheese like parmesan with the help of a block or a wheel.

It’s quite easy to use, you just have to pierce the rind by using the tool and drag it across the surface of the cheeseboard to score the rind properly.

Cheese Wire 

Lastly the cheese wire, tool can cut your cheese delicately without even breaking it into pieces as a knife does.

It’s bow-shaped, and we can easily attach it to the cheeseboard. To use it, you have to gently lower the wire into the cheese block.

How To Use a Cheese Knife?

Once you have chosen the right blade after reading the cheese knife guide, it’s time to know how to use the cheese knife.

As there are many types of cheese knives and you have to cut them differently so you must know the right techniques.

Soft Cheese Wedges

While you are cutting soft cheese, you can cut it into long strips by using a soft cheese knife.

You can use a soft cheese knife and cut from one side of the cheese. It’s incorrect to dig out from the center of the cheese, so you have to cut from either side of the cheese.


If you like block cheese, then first you have to cut the cheese into two rectangles, then cut it along the width creating a slice.

The slice can be cut diagonally into the blocks.

Hard Cheese Wedges 

For cutting hard and semi-hard cheese you can use a Double Handed Knife and you’ll like to cut them into small blocks or slices.

You can use both your hands and push the knife along the long edge.


If you want to cut your cheese into wheels, then cut the cheese block into two halves and cut in a radial pattern so that you can create a cheese triangle.

Also, you find the center point of the cheese wheel and cut from the center point like the spokes on a wheel.

Wrap Up On Which Cheese Knife To Use

Ideally using a cheese knife can give you a better cutting experience than a standard knife.

Keep in mind before shopping for the best cheese knife, you need to identify the main reason behind it, as there are many types of cheese knives.

Then you need to check important things like which type of cheese you are going to cut and the knife capabilities.

I have seen many people questioning me about cheese knives from various platforms.

But if you are looking forward to getting all these tools in a cheese knife set, then you should check out the Premium Cheese Knife Set which has all the tools.

I hope this cheese knife guide on “Which cheese knife to use” will have helped you find all the questions and select the right knife.

FAQ: Best Knife To Cut Cheese

As I have explained earlier there are many cheese knife types and choosing the best one is very difficult.

So, I have added all types of knives and each knife has a different purpose and you can choose any of them according to the cheese you are going to cut.

But if you have any other queries and comments, you can question them in the comment section. I will reply as soon as possible.

Q1. What is a soft cheese knife? Why does it have a hole in it?

Ans: Soft cheese knives are mostly used for cutting soft cheese like brie, burrata, and feta. The knife has a thin blade and we cannot use it for cutting hard cheese. The hole helps prevent the cheese from sticking on the surface of the blade, and there is less area of contact.

Q2. What is the best knife for cutting the cheese?

Ans: The answer to these questions is quite tough because each type of blade is made for a different purpose. You choose the blade according to the requirements and that will be the best knife for cutting cheese.

Q3. Why is it so hard to cut cheese with a sharp knife?

Ans: It’s tough to cut cheese with a sharp normal knife because the cheese sticks on the blade and it becomes tough to cut. You can use a serrated knife as this reduces the surface area of the cheese from touching the blade.

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